Harmless "weapons" made of food

Kyle Bean has made a series of food sculptures in the shape of various weapons, improvised and traditional. I wonder if pieces of toast cut to look like brass knuckles would make it through a TSA checkpoint?

CUT magazine: 'Soft Guerilla' (via Neatorama)

(Photo: Sam Hofman)


  1. Chief Wiggum: [Skinner with a bomb strapped to his chest] Wait a minute… that isn’t a bomb! Those are hot dogs! Armor hot dogs! 
    Superintendent Chalmers: What kind of man wears Armor hot dogs? 

    1. You may have noticed this and just be quoting the Simpsons anyway, but the bomb in the photo isn’t hot-dogs, it’s Mini-Milks (small ice-creams on sticks, in this case strawberry flavoured).

  2. From my experience, a peanut butter sandwich crust held in the form of a pistol wouldn’t make it through the TSA screening.

    1. …but they’ll happily let you bring enough LiPo batteries on board to burn a hole through the fuselage.

  3. Quite right too. The pilot or one of the air-crew might have a  nut allergy. In the slightly sticky hands of an enemy of freedom, a loaded PB&J could have devastating consequences…

  4. Those toast knuckles are awesome.  “Kidney-punch your hunger, with toast!”  Yeah, I’d use that slogan.

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