Trailer Tuesday (2): Slothville

[Video Link] "Trailer for upcoming documentary filmed at the world's only sloth orphanage in Costa Rica."


  1. Facts about Sloths:

    Eat tonnes of leaves.
    Two-thirds of body weight are leaves.
    Takes a weekly poop on the ground.
    Are indifferent to David Attenborough attempting to make communication.
    Leaves provide no nutritional value, yet somehow still live.
    Are ancient.

  2. every time you guys post something about sloths, I tell you how much they creep me out. and yet, you continue to post stories about sloths…

      1. Buncha damn leeches is what those guys are. If they’re too lazy to fuck maybe they deserve to go extinct. And remember when biologists tried to tell everybody that Pandas weren’t really bears, then changed their minds and RE-classified them as bears? Sounds pretty shady to me.

      2. ugh. I know they are just waiting for the day to rise up and rip our all our throats with those claws…

        1. They’re not waiting – it’s just taking them a really long, long time to get here. 

          Sloths give me the heebie jeebies, too.  When I was in CR one got attacked by a dog.  Imperceptibly slowly put a choke hold on the dog and got away.  Cute as a gremlin-baby, too.  

        1. No. I love red pandas, which aren’t pandas, anyway.

          Pandas look like clowns. Or juggaloes.

  3. Sad face. I posted this in submitterator this morning. Guess I was doing it wrong. Oh well. At least all the peoples will know of the epic cuteness of these creatures.

    Other fun facts about sloths ( source, my wife via ) :

    1. Have healing abilities that rival Wolverine’s mutant healing.
    2. They have been documented falling up to 90 feet from a tree without injury.
    3. They are light enough to evade predators by going to the ends of thin branches.
    4. They move so slowly that blue-green algae grows on their hair. Bonus camo!
    5. Survive by stealth like a ninja. A very slow ninja.
    6. Sleeps 15 hours a day.
    7. Has half the body muscle of other mammals.

    1. They have been documented falling up to 90 feet from a tree without injury.

      That’s just because they fall so slowly.

      1. When last I was in Costa Rica, we had the unfortunate task of finding one of these guys that didn’t survive the fall. We had to tell the owners of the resort – not fun. 

  4. “Sloths in Party Hats” would be a good band name.  I’d buy the album.  Don’t bother with the download though – slow link.

  5. I see these creatures while laying here on my back with a pretty screen in front of my face as I try to reach the bag of potato chips without knocking over my soda all while slowly scratching my butt and I realize that this video here … this video is showing me my true peoples.

    1. Sloths are awesome, but I distrust the motives of anyone who would dress them in baby PJs.

      They’re probably cold since they’re not attached to their mothers like they should be.

    1. I finally found my favorite animal! They’re so cute and so much like me!

      Now, if I could only afford to dream away like they do and to be as slow as they are… Heavens!

  6. I shouldn’t reading this website this morning – I’m also a sloth and am running late for work. But I still watched this video three times.

  7. Did anyone else notice that the title of the documentary is “Too Cute Baby Sloths”? It’s like they tapped directly into my brain to name it. :)

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