Jonny McGovern - Sexy Nerd

I've been a fan of Jonny McGovern's hilarious gay-oriented music videos for years, so I was glad to see a new one pop up in Submitterator. Normally I'd let a video like this speak for itself, but I'd like to highlight a few key lyrics that just make it:

I be sexy strippin'
while he be JavaScriptin'.
We can read science fiction
while we make science friction.
You and I, we can fly
with Bill Nye the Science Guy.
I'll be working your shaft
while you play World of Warcraft.
We can get our freak on
in the bathroom at Comic Con.

If you're not comfortable with hunky men dancing around in their underwear, you may not want to watch this video. That's as racy as it gets, though.

Thanks allenh! [Video Link]


  1. *fans self* It’s like he’s singing my theme song. I’m willing to bet none of those dancers are nerdy at all though.

    1. I dunno, I know some *damn* sexy dancing nerd boys. Tho I’d have to change it to Nerd Men. I like a *little* more maturity in ’em. 

  2. Equally hot(!) but catchier and a bit more authentic-feeling… Nrrrd Grrrl  vid created for MC Chris. Oh yes.

    1. The MC Chris video plays a lot more like it was done by someone who is actually familiar with this culture. The Johnny McGovern video actually mentions pocket protectors, fractions, and HTML. It’s like it’s trying to point out how much it’s not even trying to be authentic.

    1. I spent a good bit of time considering that. And yeah, I think I would have included that had it been a video of women. The video is very heavily sexualized, and we don’t usually post that kind of thing. I wanted to be clear that there’s no explicit nudity in it.

  3. Sex (hetero, homo or solo) in public (restrooms included) is just rude to other people.

    Considering how and how often sexual assault happens, I will be calling the police immediately should I happen upon it.

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