An octopus, in need of sunscreen


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  1. E T says:

    Please move before you become calamari!

  2. Cicada Mania says:

    “head lump”!? Hilarious!

  3. Brian Cain says:

    What a beautiful image.  At first I thought it was a painting. 

  4. Dv Revolutionary says:

    Imposing human weakness on animals. Come on he doesn’t need sunscreen. He’s going to live about two years. He’s never going to get skin cancer. Let him sun himself and not worry about sunscreen.

  5. Lobster says:

    Hee hee.  Lump.

  6. Nagurski says:

    You should know better than to call that a head lump. How mammal of you.

  7. theophrastvs says:

    It’s just a small case of mantle gas (or “the suds” as the Nickelodeon™ crowd would term it).  ..probably had some sea beans for lunch.

  8. AMJ says:

    This is the beginning of the end.  Pretty soon they will be walking on land and enslaving humanity!

  9. millie fink says:

    That octopus needs to move its garden to the shade.

  10. Rich Keller says:

    “Octopus garden in the sun” makes so much more sense from a horticultural perspective, doesn’t it?

  11. BJ Nicholls says:

    The mantle “lump” isn’t the “head” of the octopus. It contains the guts, heart, and gonads.  The head’s the part between the tentacles and the mantle.

  12. tristis says:

    I’m mostly amazed at how clear the water is.

    • dr says:

      And how still the surface is.  Almost the way it would look if an aquarium tank had a large photo of the Italian coastline pasted to its back wall, and a photo was taken through the glass from in front.

  13. Lilah says:

    Holy perspective Batman. Am I the only one who thought that was a giant octopus masquerading as an island to lure unlucky boaters?

  14. Halloween Jack says:

    See also: Lusca from City of  Heroes.

  15. you know what’s most amazing? not a single cthulhu reference.

  16. Robin Griffiths says:

    It’s an outrage… as Tony Harrison would say.

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