Comet to plunge to flaming death of hot agony in the Sun today


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  1. herestoyou says:

    what is the dark streak at 1 o’clock (1:30 really)?

  2. Brainspore says:

    I never realized how much the inner solar system looks like a dusty old CD.

  3. millie fink says:

    Soundtrack to a sun-plunge–

    “Kamikaze Vomit Comet”

  4. scifijazznik says:


    That GIF is awesome.

  5. Shibi_SF says:

    At least they didn’t name the comet Lovelock. 

  6. kartwaffles says:

    That’s no comet, it’s Hotblack Desiato’s spaceship.

  7. ryuchi says:

    It’s not “creepy omen of doom”, it is rather that now Love&Joy have infected the very source of energy of our vicinity and causing it to radiate those from now on!

  8. Starting at approximately 9 or 10 on 2011-12-14 in that GIF, another moving object appears – can anybody tell what this might be? Actually, it appears to start earlier, but much more faint, close to the end of the 13th…It seems to move relative to the Comet we’re observing…

  9. Adam A says:

    NASA just Tweeted: Breaking News! Lovejoy lives! The comet Lovejoy has survived it’s journey around the sun to reemerge on the other side.

  10. silkox says:

    I suppose they didn’t take the time to determine its location and trajectory carefully enough to realize it wouldn’t actually hit the Sun? I guess they did say it would make a “death dive into the sun’s atmosphere.” The death part was just an educated guess….

    • Normally, the Sun tears comets apart when they get that close; this was a surprise. What should have happened is the comet swings around the back of the Sun and a loose assembly of dust (gawd, just had to say it that way) and gas would pop around the other side, or just be blown apart and wrap around the Sun as in this SOHO video from October - 
      The result is really the same, though; the Sun’s corona extends  quite a distance out and is generally certain death for comets.
      But not Lovejoy. Yeah, kinda cool.

  11. By the way, over at the Sungrazing Comet site (yes, there’s a website for that; not sure about jackets), they have an interesting history of Comet Lovejoy, leading up to the graze. I expect this to be updated tomorrow with a bit more data. A few neat videos, and mucho astro-nerd goodiness… 

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