High school students making out with their parents

Possibly the most upsetting thing I've seen on the internet. Ever. Video Link. The principal issued a bullshit apology. (via Joe Sabia, and thanks for the update, Pesco!)


    1. How so? Please elucidate.
      In those 21 minutes FZ is arguing against the censorship of popular music.
      And how does this relate to the topic at hand?

      1. I think that gamelab2021 is trying to say that this should be censored.

        P.S. using the word elucidate in a blog comment is just showing off.

  1. there’s a lot of competition for most upsetting thing on the internet. But, yeah, between the squick factor & the betrayal + humiliation by a parent, this is pretty bad.

    1. I haven’t even played it yet because I’m enjoying my morning coffee – which I’d prefer not to taste like vomit.

      I’d imagine this isn’t the kind of cannot-unsee trauma-inducing video the net is infamous for, but the fact that this is a planned activity that is supposed to be fun is the problem. I suggest the cops raid the principal’s house. For him to think this is acceptable practice, my guess is that John Wollersheim has some skeletons (or TB of kiddie pron) in his closet.

  2. Sorry, not even close to the most upsetting thing I’ve seen on the intertubes, and I won’t ruin your day or mine by running down my top ten. Sparkle Pony Chaser to one and all.

    1. Yes. I’ve seen worse.  Violent murders would probably have most of the top 10 for me.  This is still unpleasant though.

  3. Even if they were kissed by kids their own age this would be totally inappropriate.
    There are three  things going on here that are sickening: the cult of sports in this country and athletes are rewarded with sex (at least for males) and not only do many parents have a hard time cutting the umbilical cord with their children, they won’t accept their roles as leaders but rather want to be their kids’ bff, and last, do they have no respect for their kids’ sensibilities? No one has the right to force themselves on anyone the way these parents did. What a lack of judgement and outright stupidity. Calling Dr. Freud!

    1. Apparently, you’re completely clueless about the South and Southern ways. Your comment is offensive (as it was probably meant to be, unfortunately); we here in the South have a hell of a lot more class than you people outside of the Mason-Dixon line.

  4. Most upsetting video on the internet?
    I know you can be prude and uptight on the other side of the pond, but you really manage to outdo yourself here.
    It’s a prank. Nobody died.

    1. These kids just made out with their parents.  That will stay with them FOREVER. :/

      Just because someone doesn’t die doesn’t mean it’s not traumatizing.

      1. they didn’t ‘make out’ with their parents, that’s a gross exaggeration. There was no tongue or open mouth, I’m not saying that this video is normal or even fair on the kids, but there’s no reason to dress it up any more than it is.

    2. “Your honor, I would like the three counts of rape with which I have been charged to be dismissed on the grounds that it was intended as a prank. I will remind your honor that no one died.”

    3. I know you can be prude and uptight on the other side of the pond, but you really manage to outdo yourself here.

      When you say ‘motherfucker’, do you mean an epistemological motherfucker or a phenomenological motherfucker?

    4. I thought I was the only one who didn’t get it, and your ‘other side of the pond’ remark maybe says why.  Is being kissed by your parents a crime in the US?  Is it the blindfold that makes it upsetting?

      I don’t really get it, it’s a very mild prank.  Reading the comments I expected tongues in mouths and boob groping.

    5. I’m from Argentina and surprised once again by American prudishness. That’s not “making out”… not even close… nor such a disturbing sight. But then again in the US you can’t hug a child without being assumed a child abuser and naked pictures of your own toddlers is considered child porn. That way of thinking affects all perception, sadly.

      1. I agree that in the US we tend to overdo anything that is worth being done. On the other hand, the idea of encouraging adults to kiss their children on the lips is, for me, the most disgusting prank I’ve ever heard of. 

        Besides, these are children. Regardless of whether YOU or any other adult feels that this is not a bad thing, given how American teens feel about kissing/touching with parents in general, these poor kids will be tortured by their classmates for years! 

        Ultimately it doesn’t matter what the REALITY is, its the perception and its impact that is the problem.

        1. That’s because in the US there’s also a culture of pranking and a culture of bullying… and that’s the real problem, not some kissing. Bullying is an OBJECTIVE offense, whereas hang ups about kissing are cultural.

          I don’t think the prank was right… but would never consider it incest or abuse, like other posters here, and most certainly would not call that “making out” nor suggest it has sexual connotations. 

          1. I agree with you about the bullying, but on the other hand, as a parent I would never consider doing something that I KNEW could or would lead to my child being bullied by their peers. Nor would I intentionally publicly humiliate my child. 

            For me the point is less about kissing a young child on the lips, and more about the completely public manner in which this precipitated, not to mention the disgusting gyrations the parents acted out in order to give the impression of a lover or another teen.

            To me its the deception and the act of behaving by the parents that is disturbing. There is a difference between a prank and breaking the trust of a parental bond with a child. I think these parents crossed the line.

    1. You know, I think that feeling is much more frequent than you might think. I remember on 9/11 feeling, as Terry Pratchett put it, that I went down the “wrong trouser leg of time.”

      1. Strangely, Pratchett was also who I thought of when I read this comment.  But thinking of Wen the Eternally surprised.  I mean, from his perspective at least the world in which this “prank” occurred has been destroyed.  And recreated exactly the same, but I’m okay thinking that at least the Event is no longer occurring.  Not here, anyway.

  5. My mind refuses to believe that those are parents kissing their OWN kids.  I’m clinging to the hope that those are parents of other kids.  (Still wrong but not incest.)

    1.  I know! I’m just trying to put myself into the frame of mind where I would think it was funny to do this to my kid. 

      1. Start with a low IQ. Mix in years of disappointing interpersonal relationships. Fail to succeed at much of anything. Panic over getting older. Desperately crave attention. That ought to put you in the right frame of mind.

      2. I am trying to infer here but I think its along the lines of “no way we are going to let kids kiss each other because that’s inappropriate” and instead of abandoning The Bad Idea they instead decide to do something far more fucked up.

  6. Of course, at least one of these people will forevermore have some weird Oedipus or Electra complex. Sex will now be meaning less unless their partner reminds them of their parent. Thanks mom/dad!

      1. “Please don’t breed” Why do I find myself wanting to say that to so many people these days? Maybe it’s the election season…

      1. ..were you here 2 weeks ago when Mark copped a thread-ful of incensed comments for posting a prank that was actually funny (and which didn’t have the potential to cause life-long scars)?

        Kids are vulnerable and don’t always have the mental tools to deal with some issues. Some of them may be able to laugh this off as funny. Others could develop a myriad of problems that follow them for years (or life). I notice the regular BBers all tend to agree that this is a stupid prank which has the potential to cause harm to the kids. And that’s if we ignore the fact that there were likely laws broken by this crap joke.

        1. I know that if I had been one of those kids, I would be applying for emancipation immediately.  I would not feel safe living with someone who flagrantly abused their authority over me in a sexual capacity.  Many people in my family have been assaulted by other family members.  That’s not something you flirt with.  It’s not funny.

          1. I’d like to believe that parents from a family with a history of abuse would not have participated in this “prank” – I can only assume that those who did participate did so out of incredible ignorance.

    1. Only way I’d do anything like that with my daughter is if someone pulled an “Oldboy” on me. Then I’d be off looking for some tongue gauze and a good hypnotist.

    2. Dude this is a) non consent adult on teen b) a complete trust violation of a parent. Pranks are overrated in general. In fact, I’ve always kind of hated pranksters. But this is a prank like feeding your kid exlax brownies is a prank.

      1. I’ve always kind of hated pranksters.

        I think Xeni had a good rule of thumb along the lines of “it’s only a good prank if you’d still find it funny when someone else pulled it on you.” If the victim is nauseated afterward instead of chuckling that’s generally a sign of humor fail.

        1. John Scalzi has a saying that “the failure state of ‘clever’ is ‘asshole.'” I think we can make a corollary here:

          The failure state of “prank” is “trauma.”

  7. I’m not gonna watch this for fear it may send me looking for a goatse chaser.

    From the description, though, it sounds like someone may have finally figured out how to “cure” straight teens.

    1. It’s really not that bad.  Just some clumsy face kissing from parents.

      The comments DO sell it as though parents are having bare-back sex with their blind crippled children; but really I found it quite ‘meh’.

  8. That was hilarious.  Icky, yes.  Mildly inappropriate, yes. …but that’s some of the elements of a good practical joke.  

    What’s with the outrage here?  Is Boingboing getting trolled by Focus on the Family or something?

    1. Yeah, that’s not actually a good joke. That’s the kind of shit that -can- scar a young mind. Hell, an old mind.

      if you honestly think we’re all overreacting, I have to ask, are you tone deaf? or just a bully?

      1. I smell gaslighting in these comments. Oh shut up, how this makes you feel is wrong. Yes, typical of bullies actually.  We have real issues with sex, but it’s not where we think it is I don’t think. People here aren’t being “prudes” and saying they are is kind of funny. Apparently having some sense of respect for your children’s physical boundaries is prudery.

    2. …but that’s some of the elements of a good practical joke.

      In the same sense that dead-baby-casserole has some of the elements of a good wholesome meal.

    3. Friend: “Mmmm! That was some good stew, bro!”

      Wild Rumpus: “That was the stray cat we’ve been feeding in the backyard! LMFAO!!!!:D”

  9. Hey, Minnesota: You forgot the part where it’s the kids’ boy- and girlfriends who make out with them. Then you get the parents to stand there when the blindfolds come off.

    Or maybe you didn’t. Minnesota winters can be cold and lonely…

    1. Well that would certainly be a much less freaky way to do it.

      How could this go through all the planning and run up without anyone calling foul on it? Did mother approached agree to do it or did some say they didn’t want their son’s tongue in their mouths and beg off?

      I’m not going to rewatch to make sure, but didn’t one of the couples fall to the floor and start dry humping in the background?

      1. Not only that, two ‘couples’ down you see Mom take her son’s hand and put it on her ass.

        I think I may have nightmares about this tonight.

    2. Wow…this would be brilliant…but if this happened to me as a kid I would have instantly vomited before my friend could step out from behind my mo…ack…can’t even write it..parent.

      Then I would have punched out the ( if male) principal ’cause I never did like my parents see me making out with someone.

      1. To be honest, despite what some commenters probably imagine, I actually can not even imagine my dad doing this. Dad had/has a lot of problems, but then again I wouldn’t have participated in this anyway because frankly I think even the idea is just weird and not my thing.

  10. Let’s look on the bright side, people.  The unit on Greek tragedies is going to be freakin’ amazing. 

    Wouldn’t it be cool if one of the jocks or stoners blinded themselves and began wandering the school as an oracle?  Interrupting the pep rallies with their prophecies of doom?  

    1. Being a product of the next school district west of there, I’m not entirely shocked to see this took place in Rosemount.

  11. Wait … I could understand if BOTH parties were blindfolded … but the parents did this KNOWINGLY???!?

    Sorry, but that is creepy-sick.

    1. I agree. What kind of insane parent would do this? It’s even weirder that so many of them agreed to do this. Very disturbing.

      1. If you’re going to consent to be blindfolded and make out with someone in front of the whole school, you’re kind of asking for something like this. You gotta be prepared to maybe make out with the hefty, sweaty tuba player. Although I bet he’s got a great embouchure.

        1.  The “liked” was an accident. Minus one.
          I am sure they expected a strange “hefty, sweaty tuba player”. What’s wrong with that? Nothing at all. I wouldn’t mind that. But your biological parent? Totally inappropriate, scarring to the child and weird. No one asks for that. That is wrong.

    1. The Japanese are big on mother-son pron. The DVD store I used to frequent had as many mother-son dvds as most stores usually have in their entire pron section.

      Edit: Forgot to mention that it’s fantasy, not real like this sick display.

  12. Wait… so the parents were not blindfolded? WTF? Before watching, I thought they somehow convinced two blindfolded people to kiss who just happened to be related. This is a whole nother level of shame.

    1. And if it’s really kids and their parents I really want to know how it’s legal. 
      If I randomly blindfolded my son and forced him to unknowingly make out with me and grope my butt out in public how long would it take for someone to call Social Services?(PLEASE NOTE: I DO NOT HAVE ANY DESIRE TO DO THIS)

      1. People keep saying ‘make out’.

        I’m beginning to think that I watched a different video to everyone else in the comments.  What I witnessed was closer to nuzzling than making out.  There ‘might’ have been some lip contact, but it didn’t look like it from most angles.

        Seriously everyone, have you got access to a video that’s actually offensive, while I’m stuck here with a you’ve been framed style prank video that wouldn’t offend my nan?

  13. Judging by the surprising majority of comments here if find it rather astonishing how deeply embedded incest aversion (or even aversion to contexts that only have the slightest incestuous properties) seems to be in some peoples brains.
    There are of course good evolutionary reasons for that, but I didn’t think the effect would be this intense, given the weak cues. Especially in light of all the other fucked up stuff most of the people here are likely to have encountered on the internet.

    1. I think it’s the combination of public humiliation and betrayal with incest that makes it so powerfully horrific. It’s shocking and disturbing on many levels.

    2. You must not come from a family where adult relatives assaulted their child relatives on a fairly regular basis.  It’s the abuse of authority over your children that is gross.  A little or a lot, disregarding boundaries is a warning sign. 

  14. What. The. Living. Fuck.
    (a) Make out with your parents.
    (b) Do it in front of a gym full of your schoolmates
    (c) Video it
    (d) Put it online
    Can humanity really be selecting for stoopid? If there’s a god he will make this video go viral as hell.

  15. Per Wikipedia:
    “Rosemount is located in Minnesota’s 2nd congressional district, represented by John Kline, a Republican, scoring 2.8% progressive on a range of issues and 88% conservative based on 2006 House votes
    State Representative: Kurt Bills (Republican)
    State Senator: Chris Gerlach (Republican)
    County Commissioner: Will Branning (Republican)
    Mayor: Bill Droste (Republican)”

    Yep, that lines up just about like you’d expect.

    I try to stay out of the deep suburbs of the Twin Cities as much as possible.

    1. There is a thread of comments on the YouTube video calling these people sick amoral liberals.  When I saw this video I didn’t think liberals, I thought tacky midwestern wife-swapin’ Mr. Gumby lookin’ folks.

  16. I’m going to have to agree with Donal here. Firstly, it’s not sexual abuse if the students consented to receive a “mystery kiss”. Most of those parents (especially the dads) just gave their child a little peck. I’m not sure what to say about that mom who hung on and rocked… Secondly, come on. Just because this has oodles of “squick” factor doesn’t make it morally reprehensible or say anything about the intelligence of the people involved. 

    1. More than “a little peck.” From the article: “Some of the parents during the 59-second YouTube video are seen holding the kisses for several seconds, cupping their child’s faces or embracing and swaying.

      One mother moved her son’s hand down to her behind during the encounter. Another mom has her son down on the gym floor to the delight of two male students standing nearby.”

    2. “Firstly,  it’s not sexual abuse if the students consented to receive a ‘mystery kiss’.”

      I think the word that you need to add to your vocabulary is “statutory.”

      1. Hm, ok. fine. If the children are below the age of 16 (the age below which consensual sexual activity is considered statutory rape in Minnesota), this could count as illegal. Deserving of outrage, I’m still not convinced. In terms of the parents that really get into it, things are certainly more questionable.

        1. Actually in most places there are laws about incest.  And it doesn’t have to be PIV sex to count.  I suppose you’d have to check the local language, but “sexual contact” is usually enough.  A quick peck, probably not – but that’s not all that’s going on here.

    3. I don’t think children are capable of consenting to kiss an adult like this, even if they don’t know who they are kissing and even if it is their parent. You do not do things like this with children. Ever. It’s fucked up. 

    4. “Firstly, it’s not sexual abuse if the students consented to receive a “mystery kiss”.”

      So if a student consented to sex with an adult teacher, it’d be okay with you because the student consented?

      1. This is a perfect point. If ANY other adult had done so, it would have been considered statutory child abuse. But because the parents did this as a prank it isn’t? Sounds messed up to me.

    1. It probably helps not to be in a pew ever. I’m quite sure most of the parents in this video consider themselves to be Christians.

  17. OK. So imagine you the father and you go to give your little princess a nice peck on the lip like you always do when you both know who’s who and… OMG! My little girl just slipped me her tongue! I had no F-ing idea I raised a slut!

    Next kid… next parent… You’re son sings in the church choir, he’s an altar boy, an Eagle Scout, and captain of both the football and baseball teams and you go to give him the same simple peck on the lip…  OMG! My baby boy is such an octopus! He’s got his tongue half way to my navel and, damn if he doesn’t know what he’s doing. I’ll never be able to look him or his Dad in the face again.

  18. I remember them doing something similar at my highschool in PA years back.  Only it was a kiss, not a make-out.  I am really surprised at the kisses these folks gave to their own kids.

  19. Rationally speaking, very little happened that is really all that bad – purposeful deception being the foremost among the wrongs involved.

    The only reason this is garnering such outrage is because of cultural taboo being broken. The social humiliation or embarassment is itself only possible because of the taboo. The actual harm done without the taboo breaking factor is minimal.

    1. How do you remove the “taboo breaking factor” from this, though? The kids know they broke a taboo, with their parent that they have to deal with for life, in front of everyone they know but their Granny’s dog.

      The parents who tongued and groped broke a taboo that’s a crime in most jurisdictions, in front of a room full of mandatory reporters.

      1. I’m not saying it can be removed.

        What I AM saying is that third parties such as ourselves are responding far more strongly to this than is strictly rational, and that overreaction is interesting to consider.

        After all, being on the internet it isn’t hard to find something that is actually, tangibly much worse on a rational level, but that we respond to with far less outrage over. Self awareness of our own biases and culturally influenced responses is only ever a good thing.

        1. It’s also alarming to me how many commentors in this thread are conflating kissing, even prolonged kissing, with sex.

          1. It’s not conflation, it’s the issue of pushing a type of physical intimacy on your kid. What scares me is that people seem to think that’s just ok. Yeah, actually it even bugs me when parents force their kids to sit on some one’s knee, or let themselves be kissed. We set up these situations where we say “you have to have your physical boundaries violated” to them. You know what that is? It’s freaking disrespectful. 

          2. You bet prolonged mouth kissing is sexually stimulating and very intimate – and is considered so by our culture. It’s so intimate many brothels  do not allow kissing between clients and the ladies.

          3. I don’t understand why everyone thinks they’re making out when they’re CLEARLY not.

            The actual kissing they’re doing resembles the standard struggle between a mum trying to kiss her son on the cheek and him getting away.  To consider this anything other than mildly distasteful is absurd.

            This whole ‘making out’ thing must be added on top via some kind of American sensitivity filter.

          4. They are teenagers. TEENS! All they think about all day is sex! Even just a ‘peck’ on the mouth can get a teenager’s hormones raging. Then to find out it was your MOM or your DAD?! That is just sick.
            Do you remember being a teenager?

    2. The only reason this is garnering such outrage is because of cultural taboo being broken. The social humiliation or embarassment is itself only possible because of the taboo. The actual harm done without the taboo breaking factor is minimal.

      Getting a handjob from your own mom wouldn’t cause physical harm to anyone either. Just an arbitrary cultural taboo, right? Thanks, rationality!

      1. Yeah this idea that “cultural” is somehow the same as “not real” is amazing.  Incest taboos are pretty strong and there’s some biology involved (although the specifics are, indeed, culturally constructed)…  how about a better example?  Cannibalism, another very strong taboo in the US at least (and the so-called “Western” world.  There is no physical harm to someone who eats properly prepared human flesh, but if someone slipped you some as a prank?  In public, no less?  Yeah.  You’d probably vomit.  And it *would* be a traumatic memory.

        A bunch of people just read that and thought “Nah, it’s no big deal, I’d eat someone just to see what it’s like, so I wouldn’t mind.”  You’re forgetting a couple of things.  One is that you’re probably not actually a sociopath, so the opinions and feelings of others matter to you.  Another is that you have internalized the very strong cultural norm around cannibalism – that being that it’s really, really not okay.  And the crowning thing you’ve forgotten:  just because you think you might do something if you had a choice, that doesn’t mean you’ll be okay with doing so when you have no choice at all.  Consent.  It’s this thing that matters.

        If you think you’d be okay with that scenario – or the pictured one – you’re probably suffering from a failure of imagination or an inflated hyper-rational self-image. 

        These kids didn’t know they were making out with their parents.  Consent cannot be given blindly – it’s supposed to be fully informed.  If any of them are underage, consent can’t be given at all, actually – less of a problem for kissing, but as soon as any real groping is in the picture you enter lawsuit territory there.  And while they might have consented to a “mystery kiss,” they had no reason whatsoever to think “…and the person I’m kissing might be my mom.”

  20. This may come as a shock, but children kiss their parents.  When they become teens, some of them decide that it’s so gross, but many teens are still OK with kissing their family members.  It’s an expression of affection.

    Boundaries are different for different people.  Some kids don’t even like to hug their parents, some have no problem with a kiss on the lips.  Good parents understand their children’s boundaries, and have a sense of what the kid will find deeply inappropriate, and what will be taken as good natured teasing.  This is probably why there was a range of intimacy on the part of the parents, from complete non-participation to over-the-top hamming it up.

    Maybe some of those kisses did severely humiliate and “scar” the kids. It’s certainly possible.  But I think it’s presumptuous to assume they did simply because it makes you uncomfortable to consider being in the same situation with your parents and your high school.

    1. I kiss my mother on the lips, but I don’t KISS my mother on the lips…..if you understand.  Surely there’s a difference between the affection of family members and of affection that’s more intimate/sexual in nature.

      Somebody needs to do a skit on this now:

      But judge when I really laid one on my daughter’s friend it was a “mystery kiss!”.  Courtroom erupts in laughter.  Judge:  Case dismissed!

      I don’t think the intent was bad or anything, it’s just one of those things that didn’t really get thought through very well……

    2. “Good parents understand their children’s boundaries, and have a sense of what the kid will find deeply inappropriate, and what will be taken as good natured teasing.”

      I doubt anyone here has not been humiliated by a parent with boundary-detection failure, but that’s mostly things like calling you “my little poopsy” in front of your friends. Sex and the audience raise the stakes and magnify the mistake A LOT. There is a big power-balance issue here, on top of a concerning societal trend for parents to have a very bad sense of any reasonably-appropriate boundary between them and their kids at all.  

    3. This may come as a shock, but children kiss their parents.  When they become teens, some of them decide that it’s so gross, but many teens are still OK with kissing their family members.  It’s an expression of affection.

      This is irrelevant.  The whole point of the “prank” was that the kiss was a romantic one.  It wasn’t “guess who kissed you chastely on the cheek” but “guess who it was who just stuck their tongue down your throat and whose ass you fondled.”

      The point was to blur the line between parental affection and incest.  Otherwise how is it a prank at all?


      1. Worse: guess whom you just possibly got sexually aroused by. I’m surprised people aren’t commenting on that, it’s the worst part of it I can imagine- that the teen would find the kiss enjoyable, get aroused, only to discover it was their parent. 

        Some of them might laugh it off, but what about those who can’t, and who end up thinking they’re freaks for getting aroused by their parents? Just like rape victims who have felt orgasms while being assaulted, these kids could have very serious issues processing this. Because suddenly, because of how their bodies involuntarily reacted to a sexual context, they’ve gone from being mere victims of a prank to culprits, deviants, sickos, or any other name we might automatically call someone who got a hard-on kissing their own mother.  And they can’t deny or take it back. There’s plenty of good reasons we’re not supposed to get aroused by our mums and dads and social taboo is the least of them. 

        1. Exactly. This is what bothers me the most. Adults might be able to ‘mystery kiss’ someone more ‘objectively’ but teenagers, unfortunately, do not have that power.

    4. Right, and we know that these kids were cool with that. We know these are good parents. We know none of these people have been abused or raped by anyone else in the family ever or know anyone who was or is being because that’s so rare. So very very rare. It’s almost unheard of! You know what is presumptuous? Assuming you know anything about other people and using that to excuse sticking any part of your body onto or into them, including your own kids. I watched a friends dad grope her breasts at a movie once. Outright. You think a parent like that wouldn’t take this opportunity to make sure the kid knew this was their right? You don’t know. You never know. So since you never know the nicest thing you can do for people is not put them in weird situations like this.  

      1. We also know these kids can totally get over the fact that they might have sexually enjoyed a kiss with their parents. Because they didn’t know it was their parents so that makes it all right. *shudder*

    5. Children kiss their parents and vice versa, sure. Just out of interest, how many times have you stuck your tongue in one of your parents’ mouths? And vice versa. Just a rough approximation will do. We’re not expecting you to have kept track of every single time you’ve done this.

      1. Who said anybody used tongues, if the athletes did well that was a little foolish considering anybody could have been kissing them, hell they could have had them kiss each other so using tongues for a mystery kiss would have been a silly idea, I doubt any of the parents used tongues unless you know something about these parents we don’t?

    6. The blindfolded were expecting a sexualized kiss. One even tries to grab his mother’s ass (even I laughed).
      However because it was their parents, it “wasn’t sexual” so ha ha the jokes on you kids for being such horndogs. That is the essence of the gag (no pun intended).
      Because pretty much everyone in the room apparently got the joke, what we witness in the video isn’t so traumatic.

      However, the trauma starts later when Molly dreams about The Kiss With Dad because maybe that was Molly’s first (to her) sexy kiss and that is pretty sad when you think about it because Molly will most definitely suffer in silence over those confused feelings. Dear Molly, you are not attracted to your father. The dreams are perfectly normal stuff for a hyperactive teenage mind to conjure up and you can safely ignore them.

      Reposting this video on one of the highest traffic blogs in the world is kinda lame, IMO because it will highlight the shame that some of these kids may feel, something that teenagers inflict enough of on themselves already. And all for hits? C’mon, Xeni, I don’t always agree with you but I respect you a ton as a journalist.

  21. There is also the possibility that this was all staged, in that the students knew what the gag was and it was all play acting. You don’t really see the kisses up close, but if you’re faking it you use your hands to cover you mouth as you give a fake stage kiss. It’s still creepy and we waste far too much time and resources on athletic entertainer worship, though.

  22. yeah, this isnt all that disturbing to me. incest in general doesnt bother me (and no, i have never been involved in any incestuous relationships).

    i live in a world where people rape and kill little girls who are trying to find water for their families. this doesnt even hit the scale of disturbing to me.

  23. Was it just me, or was it only the mums kissing their sons?

    I wonder if all those people who say this prank was not all that bad still feel the same if it was a bunch of dad’s making out with their teenage daughters…?

    1. I wonder if all those people who say this prank was not all that bad still feel the same if it was a bunch of dad’s making out with their teenage daughters…?

      Or their own mothers making out with their grandfathers.

    2. I may be mistaken, but I’m counting at least 4 dads kissing girls there.  They all seem pretty reserved compared to a couple of those moms though.

  24. If you can justify that this is okay in any way “oh evolutionary… bs bs bs,” than it safe to say you would have no problems doing this to your own children. Stay away from mine.

  25. Putting myself in the place of the blindfolded victims, I shriveled up in disgust. 
    Putting myself in the place of the misguided parental units was not possible. 

    And yes, I laughed out loud. 

  26. Just some harmless joking around. These parents love their children surely and are having a little fun at their expense. Not a big deal. Of course the kids were embarrassed. We always are by our parents. And moms are always more demonstrative.

    1. And moms are always more demonstrative.

      Speak for yourself. The only thing that my mother ever demonstrated was how to detect incoming Soviet ICBMs.

        1. She spent most of my childhood working on the DEW line. And as for demonstrativeness, I think I got a handshake after not seeing her for a decade.

  27. I so wish this would have happened to the “athletes” at my high school back in the day. 

    “You have a skateboard, you must be a fag”

    “Yeah? I just watched you make out with your mom.”

    Oh, the thought of it makes me glow.

    1. In my experience comments like that were usually followed by a beating.  Still would have been worth it.

  28. I for one applaud these parents for getting more hands-on involved in their children’s education.  I just think they should have started somewhere besides sex-ed.

  29. Cousin Vicki: And… I french kiss.
    Audrey: Oh, everyone does that!
    Cousin Vicki: Yeah, well dad says I’m the best at it!

  30. On the sexually inappropriate axis I think that video of the 7 year olds dancing to “Single Ladies” was a bit more upsetting. In this video, the audience is at least aware that what they’re watching is squicky.  That underage dance video has the audience going wild with approval.

  31. I don’t know what’s more funny, the events taking place in the video or the “outrage” in the comments field. Seriously, sex, incest, trauma… Are you guys for real? I guess I should have gone to a shrink for the rest of my life on account of my mom opened my door while I was jacking off in my childhood, or the one time I walked in on her getting banged by some bloke.

    I would have had no problem with this, briefly awkward and embarrassing sure. But it’s all in good fun, isn’t this what you sign up for VOLUNTEERING for a mystery kiss? Those “overly” enthusiastic moms are so cool, great spirit and great sense of humor.

    Lighten up guys…    

    1. I guess I should have gone to a shrink for the rest of my life on account of my mom opened my door while I was jacking off in my childhood, or the one time I walked in on her getting banged by some bloke.

      Which of those events were deliberately planned to take place in front of an audience of your peers?

      1. Translation:
        “I was traumatised by this but can laugh about it now, surely my experience must be a parallel to this event”

        Bodhiz: How about you upload a video of ‘some bloke’ banging your mother to one of the adult video streaming sites. It was all good fun, right? Surely you’d like to share the experience.

        1. Yes, I was so horribly traumatized…

          I didn’t catch it on tape and I doubt my mother would appreciate me sharing it with the world either.

          But I get you point,  getting banged and getting frenched, it’s basically  the same thing. To think all these porn stars traumatizing them selves by french kissing on TV…

          1. I doubt my mother would appreciate me sharing it with the world
            ^So all the kids in this video approved of it 1) being filmed & 2) being put on youtube, right? The whole point is the consent but you clearly still don’t understand that.

            As they say: You can lead a dumb-ass to water, but you can’t make him think.

      2. I’m not sure what your point is tbh. Since you missed mine I’ll give you another chance.

        Do you, any of you, believe what happened in that video was incest, that it was something that would scar someone for life, that it was sex?

        I don’t.

        1. Nice ad-hoc goal post moving you got there.

          Did Brainspore or I say anything about incest? No.

          Yes, if one of the kids there has an unfortunate (but plausible) history of sexual abuse in the family*, this could be the source of more life long scars.

          I think the comment below by CD answers your third question nicely: “It’s so intimate many brothels  do not allow kissing between clients and the ladies”. If kissing is as non-sexual as you’re claiming then why would this rule exist? To stop disease transmission? Ha!

          *“The majority of molested children are perpetrated by family members, close relatives or people who have close proximity to them.”

          In any case, as I rudely pointed out above – putting aside any of the chaff you raised in your subsequent comment – this is a consent issue. Had it been made clear to the participants that the person they were going to mystery-kiss could be their mother or father, would they have still agreed to participate? I’d say not.

          1. No, you guys didn’t say anything about incest, however you replyed to my post. And if you look closely you see me expressing amazement about about people calling this incest among other things… And I read your reply implicitly as justifing calling this sex/incest/trauma, and here you go implicitly likening it to child molesting

            Maybe you should read my initial comment again and reflect on the nonsensical comparison you made about getting kissed by their mom and putting out a video of my mom banging. I mean, since we’re in on the subject of ad hoc.
            Sure, kissing can be pretty intimate. No doubt. But is a mystery kiss very intimate? Lets go check the brothel code since they are now the authority in the matter.

            Maybe the kids regret giving concent now, but they did infact give concent to be kissed by an unknown person. 
            The whole point, as I see it, of a mystery kiss is to make someone kiss the most unthinkable, worst imaginable person possible in order to generate laughs. Looked like everyone in that video enjoyed it.

            -Teapot- : So all the kids in this video approved of it 1) being filmed & 2) being put on youtube, right? The whole point is the consent but you clearly still don’t understand that.

            Your emotions are clouding your reading ability, logic and ability to make valid points.

            And don’t worry about the rudeness, I enjoy giving and getting internet snark. But I’m not sure your nonsense qualifies.

        2. I’m not sure what your point is tbh.

          My point is the embarrassing situations you described are not analogous to this one. If your mom had walked in on your wanking session or banged that guy in front of you on purpose it would have fundamentally changed the (presumably) loving and trusting relationship you had with her. Especially if she had arranged either event to happen in front of all your high school buddies.

    2. Mom walking in while you’re wanking = embarrassing, but not icky.

      Mom hanging around to watch you finish = icky.

      The behavior in the video is closer to the second than the first.

        1.  I was the one who brought up cannibalism – as an example of a strong cultural taboo that isn’t biologically based.  To explain why any taboo violation that you do not consent to is potentially traumatic.

          A sexual kiss with a parent is a violation of one of our strongest taboos, and these kids *didn’t choose to do it.*

          I’m glad you weren’t sexually traumatized by your parents as a child, because no one should be, but a hint of compassion for those whose choices are taken away would be awesome. 

      1. Yep.  And there are these power dynamics involved; it’s not really (or not entirely) about the squick factor.  Incestuous encounters are just really likely to be abusive/nonconsenting.

        If I dream up a fully-informed-consenting-adults version (adult siblings or something) there’s still squick but it’s not overpowering.

  32. I’m seeing this from the standpoint of the culture I’m living in now, and I think this would be seen as an uncomfortable, though  harmles, joke. People kiss cheeks to say hello to people they know or people they just met. My mother-in-law kisses her mother on the lips. Seems like people have more physical contact all the time, where as living in the U.S. before, it seemed like hugs and kisses were rare. (Maybe just my friends and family  are like that.) Anglosaxon vs francophone culture.

    1. I assume that in every culture, one kisses one’s parent differently than one kisses a lover.

      The point of the prank was that their parents were kissing them romantically.


      1. I think the point of the prank was rather ‘haha, you just got frenched by your mom and you liked it’ . It’s the possible arousal that makes it embarrassing and possibly traumatising. 

        Much like ‘haha you thought you were drinking beer but it was a bottle someone peed in, you perv’. 

        Both can end up as lulzy anecdotes everyone will be telling for years on, and guess who’s always the one getting laughed at for being so disgusting? Hint: not the prankster.

  33. Reading the contrast in this thread between “clued-in-to-what’s-wrong-with-this-picture” and “clueless-and-just-not-getting-it”–especially reading the latter comments–is reminding me how easily people’s internal sex lives can get messed around with. And thus, messed up. 

    “Oh come on, it’s just a game! Lighten up! Everyone’s doing it! This won’t hurt! No one’s going to find out! It’s no big deal! It was just a joke! People do it all the time! What’re ya being so uptight about?!” Ad nauseam.

    More open discussion of sex in our society, please. More sex ed, and more understanding, especially, of what CONSENT means, and why it fucking matters.

  34. Wow, who knew so many people were so easily shocked, you’d think they’d had sex with their mothers the way some people are wailing and gnashing their teeth.

    To put it succinctly NO this is not the most disturbing thing I have ever seen on the internet, it’s hardly the most disturbing thing I have seen today on the internet, the reactions of people here are far more disturbing than this video.

    This does go some way to explain why you Americans are so busy suing each other every five minutes, you see the boogie man everywhere you jump at shadows and you’re so paranoid about things sexual that you’ll charge a 12yr old for kissing another 12yr old, frankly it’s pathetic.

    Wake up to yourselves!

      1. If your argument doesn’t stand by itself without using emotive words like CONSENT (which people usually understand in the context of consent to have sex) then perhaps your argument isn’t good enough, you’re as bad as the copyright people who use the word STEALING when they mean copyright infringement, you can sigh all you want but the whole world is sighing at this kind of pointlessness.

        1. It’s not the same thing. Apples with apples please, not apples with kiwi fruit. This has nothing to do with being American. I’m Australian but I can also see what the problem is here.

          This is how your last comment reads: “If your argument can’t stand without the use of English words which have a specific meaning and are relevant to the subject then I’m just not going to listen”

          PS: I’ve heard that you Kiwis don’t understand the concept of consent because sheep can’t talk. Or is it that open-mouth kissing and groping direct relatives is commonplace in NZ?

          1. At least you said Kiwi Fruit and didn’t leave off the word fruit, because just calling kiwifruit, kiwi is weird to us because a Kiwi is a rare native bird so kiwi flavoured would be.. well gross or at least savoury as opposed to sweet.

            Well that’s the point isn’t it, CONSENT does have a specific meaning when it relates to intimate matters and CONSENT is used to refer to sex not kissing, the general english word means plain old consent and it does mean simple permission but as we are talking about intimate matters rather than general ones when you hear the word CONSENT used you think of sex and with all the wanking on people have been doing about the age of CONSENT you can see why it is disingenuous to use it.

            I’m bloody glad sheep can’t talk if what they have to say is as annoying as their behaviour I would want to shoot them even more than I do now, but I digress, I never saw any open mouth kissing, nor tongue nor any of the other rubbish people keep going in about, I hope they are not projecting.

            P.S. It’s the Australians who interfere with sheep everybody knows that.

          2. Michael: I like you. You can take a joke.

            I agree that the word consent is often used in relation to sex, but I use the word as per its true meaning: permission. e.g. People who make TV shows have to get everyone they film to sign a consent form.

            All I was getting at is that the kids being tricked would probably not have signed up for a mystery kiss if they knew that it could potentially be their mother they were kissing. Furthermore even if they knew and agreed with that, I’d imagine they wouldn’t give permission for it to be filmed or uploaded to youtube. It’s a layercake of consent fails.

            Re kiwi fruit: Of course we call it kiwi fruit. As you mentioned – a kiwi is a bird, not a fruit. I think that is something us colonies can agree on :)

          3. Are you still a colony, didn’t you become a republic or something, or is that still in progress?

            I found the video weird, I just don’t think I was as super squicked out about it as some people seem to have been, certainly not to the extent of as it was labelled “most disturbing thing I have seen on the internet”

            I find the occupy stuff far more disturbing, not to diminish what happened to these kids, who knows maybe they are seriously traumatised, I really don’t know I dare say I’d be annoyed at the very least if it were me.

            But then I am very unlikely to agree to a mystery anything ever.

        2. Consent may be an “emotive” word that only refers to sex to you, but that’s not the general understand in my spheres of life, thank some or other goddess. 

          If you’d stop reading so selectively here, I might not feel a need to point out that other forms of intimacy, like kissing romantically, also call for “consent.” At least from any decent human being. 

          Maybe you’re the type who takes kisses and such, regardless of whether someone welcomes that? “Her lips say no, but her eyes say yes,” and all that rot?

          1. I see, Michael, so “consent” is an issue for you even before sex is about to happen–good to hear it. 

            I said “maybe,” you suddenly sensitive man.

            Anyway, nice job running away from a discussion that’s making you look progressively worse with your dignity (supposedly) intact.

          2. I could have replied to you earlier if you’d replied to my post rather than your own post, it doesn’t notify me when you reply to yourself, or does it not let you reply to a reply?

            I’m not saying consent doesn’t mean what it means in english I’m simply saying using it when the context is sexual things when you don’t mean sex is using it in a way that leads people to think you do mean sex, when in fact we’re not talking about sex here.

            That was my point, I never once said that these kids weren’t tricked into kissing their parents they most certainly were, did they consent to a mystery kiss, we can presume so, was that a bit stupid, well I would think so. 

            I think we can safely assume had they been asked would you like to kiss your parent and they said yes then that would be fine, I think the issue here that we are presuming that they thought that they would be kissing another student rather than their parent.

            So what they didn’t consent to is to kiss their parent thinking it was a student, well it’s not really possible to consent to that because once you know then there is no horrible feeling of knowing you kissed someone perhaps romantically and then realise it was your parent.

            We can postulate all night as to how “OK” the students were with the prank, I would suggest less ok than they probably said, but at the end of they day I think somewhat short of scarred for life.

            It was a stupid idea, but I do get the feeling some people here are trying to wind it up into a much more horrific event than it actually was, pranking someone in this way was not all that nice, my mother said she would not have participated in something like this and wonders why those parents did, I wonder why nobody voiced an opinion that it was a stupid idea, we can only guess.

            P.S. prefixing something with maybe doesn’t make it less offensive, if I go into a pub walk up to the biggest guy I can find and say maybe his face looks like his arse, what do you think my chances are of making it out alive?

        3. I think you don’t understand what consent is, or what sexual contact is.  Somehow I also think you’re not open to learning.  Don’t have sex with anyone, please.

    1. At first, this is what surprised me the most.  My, what a freak-flag-flyin’ school that must be.  And then I figured out what was happening.

      For what it’s worth, I strongly disapprove of the whole thing.  And if this were really the worst thing we humans could do to each other, the world would be a merrier place.

  35. I’m guessing that if it were as bad as all the fragile internet nerds on here try to make it out to be, at least one of the athletes would have said they were bothered by it. None did. The reality is they’re all well adjusted young adults that can brush off something like this as just a dumb prank instead of making it out to be some heavy, traumatic experience that they fixate on for the rest of their lives.

    1. Oooh, name-calling. That’s totally original. I’ve never seen that in a BB thread before. “Critical thinking internet nerds” would be more on point, but you obviously equate critical thinking skills with fragility. I’d say that makes you look pretty ignorant to anyone with half a brain.

      The reality is they’re all well adjusted young adults that can brush off something like this as just a dumb prank instead of making it out to be some heavy, traumatic experience

      And you would know because you are one of the people in the video – right? How about you keep your simple opinions to yourself instead of speaking for others.

        1. If you could see my comment history you would know I have a penchant for name calling. My point (which you missed) was that we don’t give a fuck what you think – especially when your responses and non sequitur conclusions are based on nothing but your misguided world view.

          How about you address the points I raised instead of scurrying away with your tail between your legs?

          1. Aparently you care enough to comment. Or maybe this is just a lame hobby of yours? Either way, I couldn’t give a fuck what you think as well. So it’s mutual then – the no fuck giving.

    2. “The reality is they’re all well adjusted young adults…”
      And you get your special access to the “reality” of these people how…?

        1. Cuz if they were bothered about it–because, say, they’ve been sexually abused already, to give just one reason why one or some of them might have been bothered by it–they’d just come right out and say so, right? Am I right?

          Cuz abuse, don’tcha know, is one of those things that, when it doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger!

          You’re talking straight out of your ass, dude.

          1. Why do you insist one of these students must have been abused? What makes you think that? You’re obsessed with something there’s no evidence of.

          2. I’m not insisting that, but it is possible, no? And it’s a helluva lot more common than most people realize.

            And as I said, it’s just one reason why someone might have problems with being fooled/coerced into quasi-sexual intimacy with a parent.

        2. none of the students, when confront with an authority figure who told them to just learn to take a joke, complained.


          None of the children complained when they were being molested by an adult, it was only after they felt safe enough to tell someone who would do something that they then said how they felt.

          While I don’t think this is the same as child rape, its the same mentality that because the authority confronts you, does not mean your giving the answer you mean.  Or do you always tell everyone who asks you a question the truth?

          1. It’s a cynicism thing, right? You think what we see happening or read about happening is not actually what happened. The convoluted posibilities outweigh the easy truth.

        3. Why do you insist one of these students must have been abused?

          The point is that none of us know. The child’s parent themselves might not know. Abuse if the kind of thing that sits under the sufrace, slowly eating a person form the inside. You need to be aware that there’s a possibility that any person you meet, irrespective of their outward appearance and demeanor, could be dealing with fucked up situations.

          The convoluted posibilities outweigh the easy truth

          Because news reports never contain factual errors, hey? News reports always tell 100% of the story 100% of the time. You act as if you know the answer. None of us are saying “THESE KIDS WERE RAPED, HOW DARE YOU RAPE THEM AGAIN!” but conversely you are claiming that you know with 100% certainty that everyone involved in this prank thought it was funny and had no issues whatsoever and that is why millie got it right by saying you’re talking out of your ass.

  36. i was looking at some of the Moms and some of the Gurls that looked “seductive” to me then i thought “how disgusting they must look pussy/dick/saliva-wise seen from their close ones’ view! Which proves that “LUST” is something that can NEVER last and is only working when you don’t actually know the individual…

    That’s why real love and affection is true and better than lust: it is lasting…

  37. One of the problems here is that the video is heavily edited; you’re not seeing the parents who just did a peck on the lips. It’s all about the mom who went waaaaaay overboard, might have been drunk, might have had issues, who knows.

  38. WTF?   I especially like the mom who moved her son’s hand from her back and put it on her butt.

  39. I don’t see a moral issue with this. I don’t want to watch it and I think anyone participating in it is an idiot who isn’t thinking at all clearly, but immoral? No.

  40. Bless you Xeni but this is really terrible.  I had to block the video for good since, unlike some people, I will not let just anything wander into my thoughts.

  41. What bothers me here is that the parents decided it would be cute to be involved in this sort of stunt at all.  It’s fucked up if it’s their own kids.  It is also fucked up if it is *not* their own kids, albeit a different sort of fucked up.  Why can’t adults be adults anymore?  

  42. That actually wasn’t violently disturbing to watch.  But I feel just awful for the people involved.  This never should have happened.  How many bad decisions did it take for this event to occur?  How many people could have said “no, that’s wrong”, and didn’t?

  43. Acting as avatar of my reaction to this video is prominent actor Mr. Tim Roth:

    (imagery and garbled language may be NSFW)

  44. I wish it was somehow linked to SOPA or single payer health care or something like that and it could get this much attention… :/

  45. I think people are making judgements based on a whole lot of assumptions. Maybe those parents are all horrible child molesters. Or maybe the “kids” are all pretty good actors and really knew what was happening the whole time. I doubt the truth lies at either extreme, but I don’t know. Until we do know, maybe we should all play it safe and stop talking in absolutes.

    Declaring that no one was hurt or traumatized by this makes about as much sense as making blanket statements about the people of Minnesota. I guess it’s possible that all the kids chuckled and laughed it off, and I guess it’s also possible that Minnesotans are universally a bunch of moronic inbred rapists, as well as Democrats or Republicans (depending on who is doing the name calling), but neither seems likely.

    Things that are likely:

    1. This is icky to some degree (based on the culture and life experience of the viewer).

    2. The students involved probably knew they were getting into an embarrassing situation. If I were one of those students, I would have assumed that at best I was being kissed by one of my teammates or teachers, and I wouldn’t have ruled out the possibility of it being a parent. This is hardly the first time this prank has been pulled off.

    3. As team captains, the students are most likely seniors, making them 17 or 18 years old. So they probably aren’t all legally children. For what it’s worth.

    I’m clearly not certain of much, but I’m certain I both envy and pity anyone who found this to be the most disturbing thing they’ve seen on the internet ever, or even today for that matter.

      1. Because if this is the most disturbing thing a person has seen, then they are either avoiding reading the news or they don’t have access to the news. Either of which is something to be pitied, imo.

  46. – We don’t want to interfere with their celebrations.
    – This isn’t the Chamber of Commerce.
    – They’re probably foreigners with different ways. They may do some more… folk dancing.

  47. Eh, what?  It’s normal for people to kiss their kids on the face, and on the lips is less common but still normal.

    The parents ham it up to make it look worse than it is.

    Does the thought of it make my skin crawl? Yes.
    Would I let it happen to a friend of mine? Fuckin sure I would.

    I think to start talking about things like consent, incest, paedophilia, here is actually more damaging than the video itself, in that it obfuscates how serious those issues really are, in the contexts in which they happen.

  48. Wow… rampant opining?  On BB?  And folk are suddenly surprised?

    Get a grip, internet people.  Didn’t you all get the memo that says “we all have opinions, and they all suck equally?”  It’s true!

    Also, “worst/most disturbing thing on internets”:  REALLY?!  Uh, no.  Chech soldier getting his head sawed off?  Zippocat, or that high-heeled Thai woman stomping a kitten to death?  Dancing wedding introduction thing?  I hardly think this even RANKS, much less takes top score.

    Now, I treat being a parent as the most sacred of trusts (and I’m more than a bit squicked-out by the video, yes), but hoisting these vidiots on the deadly, deadly meathooks of RAPEJUSTICE goes a bit off the same deep end, yes?

    Fact:  these “children” (in the “legal” sense) were not really “molested.”  Damaged?  Embarrassed?  Scarred for life?  Perhaps, yes.  Unless one of them sues for emancipation or presses charges, I can’t say for certain.  Maybe they just thought it was a laugh riot.  I, personally, cannot know until I have real evidence of grievous hurt.

    Would I still punch someone the fuck out if it were my kid on whom they tried to pull this nonsense?  Sure as shootin’, and I’d do my time happily for the assault, too.  Just how I roll, but that would be *because I was there.*

    I challenge those of us here with the staunchest (and stenchliest) opinions to find EVIDENCE for their claims (and counterclaims, and counter-counterclaims) before spewing bile.  You weren’t there.  You didn’t take part in those discussions.  I’m not seeing anyone claiming IAmA, here.

    But – without these “discussions,” how would I find my hours and hours of Friday entertainment?  Carry on, I suppose.


    Do I fit in yet? ^_~

  49. I think there’s an important lesson we can all learn:
    If you go around expecting kisses as a reward for your achievements, expect it to get upsetting quickly.

    I will say though, talking about this video in the context of incest, non-consent or paedophilia is dangerously trivialising to those issues. So please don’t do it.

  50. Gross? Yes. Inappropriate? Yes.

    Life-long mind scarring trauma? C’mon. Really? If you’re the psychological equivalent of rice pudding.

    If a person, even a “vulnerable teen”, can’t handle this without being emotionally damaged, then they weren’t emotionally stable to begin with. This is weak tea.

    It’s not rape. It’s not child sexual abuse. It’s not sexual assault.

    It’s lame. It’s stupid. It’s weird. And I think the extreme overreactions here say something about the Boing Boing audience.

    I’ve seen a trend on Boing Boing over the years of very strong moral outrage which is quick to damn those involved. Often without much thought, compassion, sympathy, or insight.

    It’s remarkable that so much of the response here is the Internet equivalent of stoning, or mob violence. Though, perhaps not so remarkable considering it’s the Internet. But you kind of expect more from the Boing Boing audience, as opposed to, say, the Fox News comments.

    Seriously folks, take a breath.

  51. Some times I really think that most people care more about protecting their rosy view of the world than about anything else.

  52. Three views: if I’d been ambushed by my mom there, social observer, internet observer.

    1) If my mom had ambushed me with a makeout in front of a crowd I’d be embarrassed, probably a little vomitous, the parent-child relationship would be strained but I doubt that counseling would be required and instead an apology would suffice from her.

    2) Hahaha, crowd sanctioned breaking of norms, love it.

    3) I’m in the group saying “most upsetting thing I’ve seen on the internet. Ever.” is hyperbole but maybe everyone hasn’t watched “3 Russians, 1 Hammer”.

  53. I am curious if many of you would have been less reactionary with out Xeni’s commentary or around the dinner table among friends.

    Also, I find the reaction videos of grandmothers seeing 2 Girls 1 Cup for the first time far more shocking in a “How could you do that to a family member and put it on the internet” sense.

  54. I can’t wait for the next time some republican, self-righteous prig complains about godless, immoral, liberal New Yorkers. 

  55. Here is some really disturbing shit: Look! its a boy( including his penis ) absolutely inside his mother!!! How sick is that, I even bet their private parts is gonna touch at some point :(

    Somebody kill me quick, I can’t go on knowing this shit. WTF god, I thought you were cool.
    (   -, _ -,  ) 

  56. What makes the video disturbing to some is the broad scope of potential perceptions and reactions.  Many (if not most) American teenagers are uncomfortable expressing or receiving public displays of affection from their parents in any context, and anything approaching even the vaguest simulation of the incest taboo will freak them out faster than anything.  It’s to the same degree of squick that would be felt by a homophobic teen tricked into kissing someone of the same sex.  Now, granted being kissed by someone (particularly someone who loves you and whom you love, even if Not In That Way) is not remotely the worst thing that can happen to you, but we’re dealing with teenagers here.  None of them admit to being freaked out, and probably some of them would get over it quite quickly.  (I, for one, wouldn’t be particularly bothered by it.  Embarrassed, sure, but I don’t have that violent reaction to it.  My mother is 40 years older than I am, so she would have been in her mid-fifties when I was in high school and as matronly as they come, so there’s never been any MILFy, Oedipal complications there.)  So maybe everyone there was thinking, “Hey, no harm, no foul.  Everything’s fine.”

    But then suppose one or more of the victims of this prank get teased.  Suppose that teasing becomes unbearable to one of these kids.  Suppose one of them reacts badly to the humiliation and complicated feelings involved in kissing your mother in front of the whole school.  Suppose that reaction is so bad that the kid does some violence to him- or herself, or perhaps does violence to others.  Maybe it wouldn’t be 100% logical, but we’re not logical beings as a rule, especially not during our high school years.

    If some kid kills himself as a result of this “prank,” then maybe everyone involved will begin to see why this was such an awful idea.  And again, it’s entirely subjective.  If it happened to me, it wouldn’t bother me.  But as the comments here will attest, some people (maybe most of ’em) have a violently negative reaction to this.  And it’s utterly irresponsible to put kids in this position.

    It’s still quite far from the most disturbing thing I’ve ever seen on the internet, but that’s largely because it’s easy for me to look at something like this and project my own rather ho-hum reaction to the parent-smooching onto all the kids present.  But only a moment’s thought leads me to realize that there is a very real potential for one of these kids to snap under the psychic pressure of going through this hazing.  Someone’s gonna be reminded of having kissed his mother and grabbed her ass in front of the whole school just once too often.  There’s a nontrivial chance that it’ll end in tragedy.  The parents should have known better, and the school officials are professionals who are paid and credentialed to know better.

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