Lovejoy Lives!


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  1. Andrew Singleton says:

    For some reason this makes me inordinatly and implausably happy. Thanks for Sharing  Xeni.

  2. Jesseham says:

    Well you know it’s coming for us next… 

  3. pthree says:

    Damn, I thought this article was going to be about Ian McShane. Oh well, comets are pretty cool too, I guess.

  4. redesigned says:

    …and here i thought it would go back in time and save some whales and give us the formula for clear aluminum.  *sighs* :-)

  5. “It’s all over people, we don’t have a prayer!” -Rev. Lovejoy, on the approaching comet.

  6. miasm says:

    phew, just a little sunlight-bleaching.

  7. Daemonworks says:

    Did it find some drastically underpriced antiques that it could pick up for a song while it was there?

  8. catcrobatics says:

    why such a long video?

  9. I love this line from the Sungrazing Comet page…
    “I don’t know where to begin. I simply don’t know. What an extraordinary 24hrs! I suppose the first thing to say is this: I was wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong. And I have never been so happy to be wrong! For the past two weeks I have been saying that Comet Lovejoy would not survive perihelion in “any appreciable form”. When I said this, I envisioned that we would see some very diffuse component maybe last a few hours after perhelion, but not much else. And I was spectacularly incorrect!” 
    Yeah, astronomers get giddy.

  10. bingobangoboy says:

    The sun?

    (edit: darn you, boing boing login thingy. This was supposed to be a reply.)

  11. Stanley Potemkin says:

    They can film a comet sailing through the sun’s corona but can’t figure out how to use an apostrophe. *sigh*

  12. scifijazznik says:

    Someone with skillz needs to enslowen and GIF-ify that video.  I sounded like all the lovers I’ve ever had when I watched that– “Three seconds?!!?”

  13. shamocracy79 says:

    No one remember being taught in school that comets are made of mostly ice?  I’m guessing scientists are now clarifying that theory to include the qualifer, “unmeltable”?

  14. obeyken says:

    It’s kind of like “Melancholia” but with a happy ending!

    • ryuchi says:

      i was to type to you “do you mean Tarkovsky’s ‘Melancholia’…?” and went to youtube to give you a link to a snipplet of the film, but discovered his film was rather called ‘Nostalghia’, and: WHOOAA! someone put the complete film on youtube!!! Check it friend, if you feel like it! here:

  15. ryuchi says:

    Yuppiii Lovejoy lives :D! in any case warrior takes any story and shapes their awareness so that the story affects them  in a enhancing way–in this case–Lovejoy continues its journey into the unknow,  yuppiiii :P

  16. p_twiddy says:


    A-hem.  Please excuse me.

  17. DouglasLucchetti says:

    It must be that the comet’s approach was at night.

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