The most contrarian opinion on Slate is great, but it does have a predictable theme. That theme is contrarianism. If there were a contest for "most contrarian position Slate ever published", it's possible this is the story that would win. (Via Dr. Hypercube)


  1. Allow me to be contrarian about “ is great”.  I finally tuned them out completely when someone forwarded me their mostly incoherent, civilization-is-ending assault on Tim Robbins’ silly movie “Antitrust”. One immediately had the sense that it was deemed threatening by their owners.

    The “We can’t afford our own ideas, so we’re contrarian all the time” schtick is generally a cover for “we have an independent-seeming platform that you can buy FUD space on”.

    But back to the point, I’m reminded of this timeless classic:

  2. Slate’s contrarianism is most entertaining thing about it. I go to that site every day, awaiting the day when their  contrarianism culminates in an article entitled, “Baby bunnies are NOT cute, drinking water is bad for you, crack cocaine can improve your life, Shakespeare was a hack, the earth is flat, war is peace, and black is white.”

  3. Creed did some good things, and I have nothing against them, but I wouldn’t call them underrated.  And…  they had a greatest hits album?  Doesn’t that imply that they had more hits than, I dunno, three?

      1. First, I’d like to say that while I was aware this band existed, I had no idea what they sounded like or what their “hits” were. So I checked a couple of their music videos on youtube, and wow – I was unprepared for how awful they are. And in a strange twist for youtube, there were tons of comments praising the music (and the videos themselves, which are some of the worst music videos I’ve ever partially sat through)!

        But, I think there is something to be said in defense of “greatest hits” albums. I don’t buy them myself – I prefer listening to music as original albums in their entirety (and non-album singles/eps). But I can see someone who “likes” Creed’s radio hits wanting to buy just one album with all their “best” songs, instead of buying three entire shitty albums.

        And in the case of non-album singles and EP tracks, in many cases the only place to find those songs more than a couple years after their release is on greatest hits albums or box sets.

        Of course: this whole argument for greatest hits albums relies on internet music downloads not existing. I am sure sales of greatest hits albums are some of the worst-hit in recent years, since you can just buy Creed’s three “greatest hits” on iTunes or Amazon MP3 instead of buying the whole album.

  4. I kind of fear bringing this up, since it can bring the racist creep-brigade out, but Slate was pushing the contrarian envelope when they posted this article on why white people really were smarter than certain lesser races:

    there was also their anti-hand sanitizer article:

    Though I think defending Creed might still be their most contrarian.

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