Festive greetings from Cyriak


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  1. Mari Lwyd says:

    Oh my jesus, oh my jesus

  2. kringlebertfistyebuns says:


  3. scifijazznik says:

    That may be his best yet…

  4. Edmonds of course partly famous for killing people live on air. True story: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Late,_Late_Breakfast_Show#Death_of_Michael_Lush

  5. Donald Petersen says:

    Now that’s a salutary sip of good cheer!

  6. Lyle Hopwood says:

    “and whose head was once compared to “a superfluous extrusion from the main body of an object, such as a surplus knob of butter on a corner of toast.”” I’m not sure that’s true,  unless someone was repurposing the old pun that ended in “Knoll Head Mounds”. Can’t remember the set up but it wasn’t originally toast…

    Nice chrissy vid, though!

  7. joe k. says:

    That was BEAUTIFUL!

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