First Amendment scholar on the failures of SOPA


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  1. Guest says:

    Corporations are made of people, lots and lots of poople. They’re super citizens. Of course their rights supersede those of the common citizens.

  2. DyingAtheist says:

    I’ve been watching the arguments and voting live, and honestly it is sickening to watch. You have a tiny minority of voices who have a keen grasp of the failings of this bill up against a majority that is clearly clueless. It’s horrifying to see insightful and well backed arguments shot down with no sense of due consideration. Some of the arguments are as simple as “It won’t work, will break the internet, and all the experts overwhelmingly stand against it” but still they are met with a chorus of ignorance. I’ve heard no arguments in support of the bill that even attempt to undermine the arguments against. It is literally a case of “ignorant majority rules”. I simply can’t understand how this process isn’t being torn to pieces by mainstream news.  Any five minute section of what I’ve seen today and yesterday could be used as a clear and concise example of the massive and laughable failure that SOPA has been from day one, and the failure of the US political system to prevent it being perpetrated upon us all.

  3. Gainclone says:

    How about SBPA? Stop Bathroom Privacy Act? Because who KNOWS what kind of illegal things people could be doing while alone in bathrooms!

  4. bbguy1984 says:

    I really get the feeling that SOPA will pass if only for the purpose of removing wikileaks from the internet as best as they forcibly can.

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