Jingle Bells in space: the historic recording


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  1. taro3yen says:

    “The first song ever played in outer space” was Sputnik Spunk!

  2. Melinda9 says:

    I love astronaut humor.

  3. chaoskittenii says:

    I think that should read the first human song played in outer space…

  4. franko says:

    i love this. hooray for astronauts!

  5. jramboz says:

    Is it sad that I more than half expected to see a “video removed due to copyright claim” when I clicked this?

    Who cares, though! This little clip fills me with more holiday cheer than all the radio stations playing 24/7 Christmas music combined.

  6. gemini6 says:

    Patrick here –

    FYI, I do actually have “first song performed by humans” on my FB page and the info section of the YouTube page.

    Although I personally would classify what Sputnik emitted as a signal, rather than a song, but I ain’t gonna start a fight at Christmastime.   :-)

    For the record, I had a great experience doing this, and would love to see some crowdsourcing effort develop to pull more treasures from the NASA archives.  There is a lot more cool stuff to be found.

  7. ojisan says:

    Oh yah. Favourite anime of mine, Twin Spica, makes a big deal about that harmonica – the first musical instrument to leave earth. Little 5-hole harmonica one of the astronauts smuggled in around his neck -

  8. word_virus says:

    This sounds like the sort of thing I’d hear in a continuous loop on a numbers station…

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