Say Wi-Fi Hi


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  1. Mathias Nitzsche says:

    Thanks Glenn.
    BTW: your short url is:

  2. ffabian says:

    Perhaps he should’ve hosted his data in Germany or another european country. Nothing is private and no data is safe in the US.

  3. Todd Bradley says:

    If I’m gonna let someone use my WiFi network, the last thing I want is for either of us to be anonymous.  My SSID is the URI for my website, so people can go there and click on the “WiFi Info” link to find out how to contact me to ask to borrow my service.  I wouldn’t trust an Anonymous Coward to not spy on my traffic if I were using his network, and likewise I wouldn’t trust an Anonymous Coward on my own network.

  4. Moriarty says:

    In my building people use wifi network names to passive aggressively complain about each other’s habits.

  5. wobinidan says:

    Damn you autocorrect is pretty stupid, but wtfwifi is probably the worst attempt at humour that I’ve ever seen on the web.  So thanks for that.

  6. Halloween Jack says:

    My favorite wifi network name is still icanhearyouhavingsex.

  7. SoItBegins says:

    Neat! But I think the innovation that we need to see in the world is more along the lines of Wi-Fi Hi-Fi.

  8. emcomments says:

    “While he’s based in Germany, his data and application is hosted in the Google App Engine in the United States.”

    As his domain is registered in Germany, I cannot see how he is respecting the Privacy Directive and Privacy legislation limiting the export of personal data out of the EU.

  9. LowerHater says:

    Over-engineered. If you want anonymous, make the SSID a use specific webmail account: yourneighborATgmailDOTcom

    If you want to use an identifying email, use your real address. I’ve been doing this for years. (and have never had somebody contact me, by the way)

  10. Mathias Nitzsche says:

    @LowerHater:disqus  Your problem might have been that an email address is less official and can’t explain why you are doing this. Whereas a little introduction text on a website exactly for this purpose can do so.

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