X-ray of two-headed snake

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 Images Two-Headed-Snake Lampropeltis Triangulum Hondurensis Albino Twoheads Eating 11-17-11 A3 Web This is an X-ray of a two-headed albino Honduran milk snake that recently hatched at the home of University of Central Florida biologist Daniel Parker, proprietor of Sunshine Serpents. (via The Telegraph)


  1. I recall one summer back in the 90s when my brother and I managed to interbreed coral snakes and planaria. The result looked much like this fellow. We called him Frank.

  2. It’s a baby Hydra. Just don’t start chopping any of those things off or you’ll just end up with another mouth to feed.

  3. The junction point of the vertebrae sure looks like a fused mess.  They should try an MRI to get a view of the esophagi and tracheaeaeaeae..

  4. I’m just impressed with how tasty that snake looks: orange creamsicle with a strawberry swirl…

    or maybe watermelon. yum. I’m tellin’ ya, that is one delicious snake.

    Notwithstanding the snake part…

  5. I am amazed by the color.  It looks like a Sculpy figure after the artist ran out of all the ‘natural’ colors.

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