Die Antwoord album cover revealed for "TEN$ION"

Due out February, 2012. This will be the first independent release for the much-Boinged band since they split from Interscope. The business story behind this one is fascinating...


      1. white purity innocent ‘young’ female angel seraphim (literally ‘burning folks’) onwards through the trite inverter gateway o’ drama to the whole enoch angel-magic angelology/demonology gnosticism, Babylonian gods, “angels are pissed” (at humans (for becoming God’s favorites (see Paradise Lost))) and a whole buncha comics and films about angels being the source of evil (surprise!), up is down, on to romantic vampires, yadda-yadda…   so getcher ‘innocent’ female, paint ‘er white, slap on some wings, and give ‘er a human heart to nosh upon.  bob’s_yer_uncle.

        (whut? too much?)

  1. Yo-Landi looks so natural with those sclera lenses that I’m picturing “human style” eye covers sitting in a glass of water on a table nearby, which she removed for the photo session.

    It’s neat that the photographer caught such a vulnerable candid moment as she had a snack between sittings.

  2. So is the new “independent” label they’re on now, also run by Jimmy Iovine?

    Considering most of the stuff these people put out there is BS and/or misinformation, why would anyone believe anything they say?

    When $O$ came out, they “followed” Lady Gaga on Ping/iTunes.  And now they’re rebelling against being coerced into sounding like Gaga?

    Puh-leeze.  This is all record industry PR bull and you people lap it up like the sheep that you are.  Let’s see “ZEF RECORDZ” corporate records, like who is on the board of directors, etc. Until then, I don’t believe it.

  3. Is there an acceptable forum for those of us who have a growing dislike for this ‘music group’, with roots extending deeper with everything we hear about them, can vent without being labeled trolls?  Juuuust askin’. :)

  4. I think their music is OK, but I don’t understand why Xeni posts about them so often.  Every time they do anything there is a boing boing post.  Its your blog and you can do what you want obviously, it just baffles me.  There are so many musicians that are worth covering if you are going to do music.  It seems like it is DA or nothing when it come to music here.

    I would like to see more bands getting exposure here instead of the same band getting covered time and time again. 

    1. Plus the removal of comments that are critical of it is strange. Whatever happened to disemvoweling? Now comments against Die Antwood just vanish.

  5. Historically, I don’t like rap at all. I am a huge fan of Die Antwoord. I met Ninja and Yolandi in Los Angeles. They’re genuine fanboy/girls just like the rest of us. They’ve been slugging it out in the back rooms and gutters of their homeland trying to create something they like. It’s a show…they’re part of it…they’re living it…and they trust their audience to sign on and buy in. Generally, I don’t dig on profanity in the art I consume; with Die Antwoord, it’s gratuitous, yes. But it’s also their world. They’re telling their story. I’m rooting for Ninja and Yolandi because I feel a camaraderie with their evolution as artists. They’re building from scratch. They’re roughing it out, and finishing it smooth with their own hands. Yes, they’re crass (though there are benefits to that, like seeing Yolandi’s cute buns in concert). They’re grim. But they’re also funny, and furiously alive. They make no secret of their background. They confront ugly traditions (like the mutilation of young men in their home country) both in their press, and their music and videos. I wish I had their courage. I hope the new music has even ten percent of the juice that the first songs did. But even if it doesn’t, I’ll be there listening. 

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