HOWTO make polyhedral chocolate dice


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  1. chellberty says:

    Hands off the dodecalicious!

  2. Donnie Hall says:

    It seems like it might be easier to carve these rather than mold them.  

  3. morkl says:

    Chocolate 3D printer, anyone?

  4. spacemunky says:

    Useless without chocolate graph paper.

  5. chupsahey says:

    Just glue some Toblerones together

  6. Jonathan Roberts says:

    That is officially the worst colour choice I’ve seen for text on a website. If you have to highlight the text just to read it, you’re doing something wrong.

    • inedible says:

      Looks fine to me. Dark text on a white background. I think maybe a part of the page didn’t load for you (namely the white background)

      • Jonathan Roberts says:

        Weird. OK, it did load for me when I checked again, the first time it looked like someone had tried an effect that completely failed to work.

  7. inedible says:

    So, that’s a nice way of making two molds for opposite halves of dice, but how do you stick them together? It’s not like the molds have sprues for filling.

    • CH says:

      I would guess you make two chocolate halves of a dice, and then stick them together… I would guess with a bit of melted chocolate as “glue”. Hmm… you could probably do both halves, but leave them in the mold, add a very thin layer of melted chocolate in one mold, and then press the molds together.

      • twency says:

        Reading the comments on the original article, it sounds like the author filled the two half-molds separately, then quickly laid the half-mold which was filled first on top of the other half.  I gather the chocolate is viscous enough to stay in place at this stage.  She mentions that one half has to still be warm enough for the two half to adhere though.

  8. Mario Lurig says:

    If you don’t want to make them yourself, you can just get a higher quality version in chocolate or sugar from this Kickstarter project:

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