Podcast chat with writers Lisa Goldstein & Ayize Jama-Everett

Rick sez, "Ayize Jama-Everett, Lisa Goldstein in discussion with live music by Fenyang Smith at the Capitola Book Cafe. Ayize's book, The Liminal People (MP3), and Lisa's book, The Uncertain Places (MP3) are easily two of the best books this year."

I haven't read Liminal People yet (though Rick is a good source of book recommendations!), but I heartily agree about Uncertain Places, which I reviewed earlier this year: "Like all of Goldstein's fantasies, this is a novel that is clearly a part of the genre, but also something quite apart from the bulk of what gets published as fantasy today. Goldstein uses fairy and its bewitchments to rip apart and reassemble the question of wonder: to ask what we pay for our sense of wonder and whether it's worth it. It's a long-awaited return to the field for Goldstein fans, and a great one"