So, Dog Cafes are a thing. I did not know this.

Via Reddit, today I learned that just as there are "cat cafes" in Tokyo, there are "dog cafes" in Seoul. Redditor oddipus visited one such establishment, and shot the photo above. Corgis do, in fact, gotta corg.

I've been to a cat cafe, but wonder if any Boing Boing readers (perhaps some of you in Korea) have ever visited an establishment that caters to canine preferences?

(thanks, Tara McGinley!)


  1. D’aww.

    one of my absolute favorite things about corgis is how through a quirk of genetics, it appears that any dog you cross-breed with a corgi ends up having offspring that look like a small, corgi-shaped version of whatever dog you started with. 

    This is especially cute with Australian shepherds, as there is something absolutely amazing about an Australian shepherd the size of a toaster oven.

    1. actually dog cafe and korea would be the obvious joke.  the cat cafes are in japan.  were they in china THAT would be the obvious joke.   or the whole catering canine thing too…  


  2. “Cafe”?  The word comes from “coffee”. . . which is actually poisonous to dogs.  So maybe a better word is in order.

    1. Yes! Or else people will think that it’s a place to take your dog and feed it coffee, thereby murdering it, FOR PROFIT.

    2. Thank you for raising this very valid concern. Good job elaborating on the etymological relation of the words “cafe” and “coffee” as well.

  3. There are dog and cat cafes all over Japan – there’s like 6 in my neighborhood… of course I’ve got my hands full at home with my own cats.

  4. I live in Seoul, and was just at the dog Cafe Bau Haus the other day briefly with a couple dropping their dog off while they went out to the bars. Cat Cafe’s are fairly common in certain areas as well, and I’ve been to a few of those as well. The reasons for these to be in existence is fairly simple. People like dogs and cats, and usually do not have the space in their small apartment or the time commitment to have and care for a pet. So you end up paying about $8 for a coffee and hang out with the cats while chatting with your friend/date/significant other.. It’s especially nice for expats like me who miss their pets back home!

  5. What Xerxes said.  There are a ton of both cat and dog cafes here in Seoul.  I did once see a dog stick it’s tongue into a guest’s beer bottle in Bau Haus.  It  was only the second or third grossest thing I saw there.

  6. Didn’t see any dog cafes in Seoul, but did see a cat cafe. We did go to a dog restaurant, on the other hand – I’ve been informed that dog tastes like mutten (I stuck to chicken)

  7. my brother-in-law owns a dog cafe in seoul, near Kongik University station. its a pretty good business. it is part dog hotel, part pet store and a place for people to bring their dogs to play with them and other dogs. cant say that I like going there, it is too noisy and not the greatest atmosphere (im not the biggest dog lover), however it is pretty popular and his customers seem to like it

  8. Never really been to a dog cafe, but there was a bar here that would allow dogs to come in. The bartender always had a bag of dog treats behind the bar and one pooch became so regular that she had her own water bowl. Sadly that place has been bought out and now serves overpriced food and beer. No smoking, no dogs.

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