Auction of furnishings from home where Jacko died

 Cnn Dam Assets 111213112842-Michael-Jackson-Auction-7-Horizontal-Gallery This weekend, Julien's Auctions sold off hundreds of items from Los Angele's 100 North Carolwood Drive, the address where Michael Jackson and his kids were living when he died. Many of the most sought-after bits were those that were visible in the crime scene photos displayed during Dr. Conrad Murray's trial. The auction house recreated Jackson's bedroom for display but referred to it as "the medicine room." From CNN:

A small table that sat next to the bed where Jackson spent his last living hours in a desperate search for sleep sold for $5,000. The "French occasional table" was listed for between $300 and $500. It was a centerpiece of several key crime scene photos at Murray's trial, because several bottles of sedatives were found on it.

The oriental rug on which paramedics tried to revive Jackson sold for $15,360, although the auction catalog placed its value at between $400 and $600. It, also, is prominent on photos shown at the trial.

Julien's backed away from selling the bed in which Jackson received the fatal dose of the (propofol) after a personal request from his mother, Katherine Jackson, Nolan said.

"Sold! Auction sells furnishings from Michael Jackson's last house"


    1. Thank you very much. I’ve tried to examine that picture now for two minutes and couldn’t get it in my head. It never occured to me that it’s a wallpaper.

  1. If I had to use that bed it would involve a desperate search for sleep as well.  The worst thing would be waking up and then realizing where you were.

  2. That bed is pure evil.  Like a pedophilia loc-nar.  It should be incinerated, along with every piece of furniture in that damn room.

  3. Something tells me the inherent insanity of the sentence, “desperate search for sleep” played a role in the good Dr.’s conviction.

  4. I’m only interested in the absolute best of ghoulish celebrity worship.

    How much does it cost to be interred in his opulent mortuary temple for eternal bliss in the afterlife?

  5. I believe they have a life-sized picture of the actual room on the left hand side of the furniture from that room.

    1. This. I was confused as well,  until noticed the suspended foam tile ceiling and thought that it was probably the auction house space.  At first I did start thinking about how many mirrors it would take to make it look like that.

  6. While the decor is not to my taste, I think having a full wall photo mural of the room you’re sitting in is just awesome. (I believe this is a wallpaper photo of MJ’s room, posted next to the installation the auction house did to re-create it.)

  7. It really boggles my mind to see how much money these people are blowing away senselessly. Don’t get me wrong I like Michael, and I like to buy his music, and that’s pretty much it. Someone could say “whatever float your boat”, but there is always this perpetual two side of the coin of life looming: the sucker and the suckee. I’ve heard they are launching a MJ line of fragrances. Now, that’s  stinks!

  8. Wall paper image of the room its in? It is creative and beats mirrored walls which are so passe and 1970’s. 

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