Kickstarter: Monster Alphabet Board Book


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  1. Lobster says:

    He is a good and responsible father to spare no time in teaching his spawn appropriate fear of Tezcatlipoca!

  2. Marko Raos says:

    Sorry if I might sound bitter, but: “Kickstarter, the place where only Americans are allowed to be creative and the rest of the world can pay the bill.”

    • GrumpySteen says:

      The requirements for Social Security Number/EIN, a US bank account, US address, US driver’s license, and major US credit or debit card come from Amazon Payments, not Kickstarter.

      I don’t know of any other trustworthy payment option that allows a pledge-and-pay-a-month-later model. If you know of one, why not contact Kickstarter and tell them about it rather than whining pointlessly.

      • Marko Raos says:

        Others do it. Such as IndieGoGo which actually predates Kickstarter by at least a year. They should get their act together because it’s definitely not hip.

    • AsteriskCGY says:

      It’s more “Make what you can sell and get paid for what you make” and screw overstock. 

      • Marko Raos says:

        I know exactly what it is, but some of their policies are infuriating,  if not downright insulting. They are flying on the wings of being a boingboing meme but that might not carry them too far unless they shape up.

  3. s2redux says:

    So, what’s the plural of Akupara? I’d hate to get it wrong when claiming that “it’s Akupari all the way down.”

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