Kickstarter: Monster Alphabet Board Book

This looks like a fun Kickstarter project from the creators of Hello With Cheese:

When I found out I was going to become a father, I wrote The Monster Alphabet. I wanted a book to read to my son that was filled with nerdy delight, and came up with an alphabet based off the monsters of legend.

Initially, I wasn't sure what to do with it. I asked my art partner, Obsidian, if he'd be interested in drawing it, but time was a serious issue for us (we create Hello With Cheese and he also creates Commissioned). So I asked our audience if it would be OK if we weren't funny for one day of the week. And Monster Mondays was born.

The monsters sweep across as many cultures as I could fit. It has some surprise selections, leading to some monsters that even most parents will not have heard of...

Each monster has a verse in iambic heptameter, a revival of a 17th century poetry technique. This is crucial for bedtime stories, as the gentle rhythm will help lull young-ones to sleep.

The Monster Alphabet Board Book (Thanks, Darren!)