Newt's Nudes: Renaissance paintings with Newt Gingrich's head


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  1. PhosPhorious says:

    How much bleach do you have to inject into your eyes to get rid of the image of Newt in the nude?

  2. scav says:

    Note this is exactly the kind of political speech that will be chilled in the event of SOPA passing.  Those pictures must be copyright! Won’t somebody please think of the artists, starving to death in Italy hundreds of years ago because of this terrible piracy! Or some lame excuse – it doesn’t even have to be plausible.

    • Marktech says:

      The images of Newt may well be copyrighted (and if I recall correctly, photographs of Old Masters have been claimed as copyrighted over here); the site could simply be taken down immediately, and the owner left to try to argue an excellent case for fair use – if he thinks it’s worth the money and effort.

      Remember the old joke? – “Don’t worry, son, they can’t put you in jail for that.” “But dad, I’m calling from the jail.”

  3. Uhm, a lot of us haven’t had breakfast yet…

  4. GoGo Vicmorrow says:

    To me he looks like the Keebler Fudge elf tree master. Apparently someone else saw it too as they posted it on “totally looks like.” Needs a good shoop.

  5. Mujokan says:

    Somehow depressing seeing this as top post, coming in from eulogies for Christopher Hitchens. I often disagreed with him, but at least he motivated one to try harder.

  6. Douglass says:

    The shading doesn’t match between the head and the body. Besides, the only place where Gingrich would really fit is in a Hieronymus Bosch painting-as one of the fiends.

  7. what_do_you_care says:

    Is this the new goatsee?

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