Trailer for We Need To Talk About Kitten


8 Responses to “Trailer for We Need To Talk About Kitten”

  1. Dean Putney says:

    The No cat is hauntingly appropriate for this video.

  2. BDiamond says:

    We need to talk about BoingBoing…

  3. chgoliz says:

    Are there any more internets available to give to Russell Bates?


  4. Gordon Klock says:

    They truly are psychotic, little monsters,& I have hand-scars to prove it……;)

  5. Baha… love the no nonono cat at the end.

  6. TheMudshark says:

    Nonono cat cracked me up.

  7. Art says:


  8. Nonono Cat at the end = full of win.

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