Boing Boing Recap: SOPA and Funky North Korea

I'm trying something new here at Boing Boing. We post lots of great videos here, but I know we don't all have time to watch them, or read the articles around them.

So here's the deal: I'll make a YouTube playlist of the best ones from the day, give the videos a little intro so you know what's up, maybe crack a joke here and there, and you can watch them all in a row. Then you can scroll down and check out the articles around the cool videos if you want to know more.

Don't like a video? Skip it. There's a button right there when you hover over the controls.

Cool? Cool.

[Video Link]

HOWTO make a 3D printed, Jingle-Bells-singing, robotic T.Rex skull
North Korean party rock anthem
Homemade anti-SOPA PSAs
An easier-to-build solar cell
Crowdsourced anti-SOPA rap
Monkey washes dishes


  1. Longtime reader, first time commenter. 

    This is cool.  But if you do a nice video podcast, I think my heart would flutter.
    Boing Boing is up there with Colbert Report for me in terms of media I love, and I love reading everything – but if you guys go video, I hope this is just a teaser of what’s to come! 

    Thanks, Dean, for trying something new and getting me excited about something I never considered before! 

  2. I like it. Don’t usually watch the videos here, but I watched this with pleasure. Please keep doing this.
    Maybe get guests sometimes to do the jokin’around, too ?

  3. Good idea, Dean. I think, maybe, a best-of-the-week thing might be more relevant and effective, because someone who has the time to scroll through a daily playlist probably has the time to just scroll through the blog, y’know? Keep on experimenting!

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