Brain Rot: Similarities Between Hip Hop and Comic Books



  1. Graffiti art is strongly mixed up in that relationship too – alter egos, hero/anti-hero dynamics, “raw” unpolished art styles, etc. America loves an underdog (eventually).

    I’ve always sort of assumed the connection between comics and hiphop, but I never really thought about it in detail until I read this comic. Makes perfect sense. Plus, I found myself singing along to the lyrics in the comic – a Pandora station seeded with Sugarhill Gang and Rob Base gets you 99% of the referenced lyrics.

    For even more overt comic connection, think Gorillaz, MF Doom and Deltron 3030.

  2. I was flipping my lid over the Thing/Hulk and Red Skull/Captain America art… till I saw that it was Tom Scioli. 

    That kid does a mean Kirby tribute

  3. Show me a foot fetishist who also admires the work of Rob Liefeld, and I’ll show you someone who gets turned on by a tube sock full of grapes.

  4. -10 pts for drawing the handle of Cable’s gun thicker than a pencil.

    -10 pts for no Doug E Fresh

    Other than that, great!

  5. not only does Wu Tang have an iconic logo, many of them have Marvel-themed aliases.  Ghostface is Tony Stark and Meth is Johnny Blaze, anyway.  I’m probably forgetting some.

  6. I found myself singing “Intergalactic” by the Beastie Boys everytime I read a new issue of Planetary (back in the good old days when there was a Planetary).

  7. I don’t mind that Liefeld was Ed’s hero as a kid, mostly because Piskor obviously doesn’t take after Liefeld artistically, but also because there’s something about the hyperexaggerated nature of Liefeld’s art that speaks to kids. In many ways, Liefeld is the ultimate fan artist: someone who reached a certain level of slickness while lacking sorely in some art basics. People wouldn’t hate on Rob if he’d designed action figures for a living, which is what all of his characters end up looking like–over-accessorized and weirdly proportioned.

    Also, the Alter Egos/Cool Costumes bit reminded me of Benjamin Fodor, aka Phoenix Jones, who is an MMA fighter under the handle Flattop.

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