Cool Tools in the Kitchen


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  1. Randy Graham says:

    Heading off to buy it. Always love my Cool Tool reads, having long read the RSS feed. Only wish the ebook was available in PDF format as well as epub, but that’s purely a convenience issue. Looking forward to digging into this.

  2. Four Naught Four says:

    It took me just a few minutes to browse through ~130 kitchen related gadgets on the site to find a dozen or so that might be relevant to my interests.  How could this possibly be worth $6?

  3. futnuh says:

    Surely a more fitting way to earn money from this collection is via the product makers, not the reader. Sure it’s only $6, but who pays to read advertising?

    • TacoChuck says:

      Not accepting money from the manufacturers is one way to help ensure no bias. Otherwise how are you going to know why an item is included, was it included because the manufacturer paid more than someone else or because it was the best tool?

      • EH says:

        I would assume an item is included because it had previously appeared on the CT blog.

        • TacoChuck says:

          Once they start taking money from manufacturers you are never going to know why it appeared on the CT blog or in any compilations.

          Lets say manufacturer A pays 5k to be in the compilation. Now when the blog has a chance to publish a review of another product by A it is probably going to get a green light because they know if they include it in another compilation, bang, another 5k.

    • mccrum says:

      Just about anyone who buys magazines or watches television.

  4. Z says:

    So we’ll have have profitsharing for our submiterated cool tools, right?

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