DJ Kim Jong-Il

Here he is with Daft Punk! More at kim jong-il dropping the bass [Thanks, John!]



  1. Trivia: The guy spinning in the “Busy P’s Birthday” pic is none other than Daft Punk’s Thomas Bangalter, sans robot mask.

  2. That is some really well done work.
    Next… How about Kim Jong riding roller coasters? Or maybe Kim Jong the tattoo artist?

    1. Gah, was just looking through the pics properly and realised they’re all ‘shooped.  It was the Moby one that made me question the legitimacy and look a little closer, then BAM I could see it in every shot.

      Sometimes if you’re not looking for it you just don’t notice it.

      Am I wrong for thinking this could happen?  It IS Kim Jong-Il…

  3. Should we have made fun of Hitler as light comedy when the concentration camps were still running?  I get that mocking a dictator takes him down a peg.  That’s good, but what’s getting lost is that this guy is literally the worst human being who has lived in the past three decades at least.  Hussein, Assad, bin Laden, none of those guys even come close to the millions of deaths that are on Kim Jong Il’s hands.  So amid all the mockery let’s not forget what he did, and what his son is likely to keep doing.  There are concentation camps running right now.

    1. Should we have made fun of Hitler as light comedy when the concentration camps were still running?

      Making fun of Hitler was quite the norm during WWII. Perhaps you’re unaware that he had only one big ball.

    2. Ever watched any Loony Tunes episodes from WWII? Makes fun of Hitler, Germans, the Japanese Emperor… and they were a whole lot more racist about it back then too!

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