North Korean party rock anthem


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  1. TheMudshark says:

    Diggin´the sabre ladies in miniskirts.

  2. Ihavenofuckingname says:

    Needs metal.  Not… whatever the hell that music is.

  3. Ihavenofuckingname says:

    Metal and more sabre ladies.

  4. Volt Ron says:

    It’s like that commercial with the dancing robots. Minus the hamsters and Kia.

  5. Melinda9 says:

    It’s disturbing when goose stepping looks like fun.

  6. kP says:

    NK is OK – I’m so going!   Looks like Vegas, only with…. um… austerity measures!

  7. Smash Martian says:

    Everyday I’m engagin’ in spontaneous demonstrations of proletarian joy…

  8. kP says:

    Next Audio / Video Mashup Suggestion:

  9. unit_1421 says:

    At 2:38 and 2:44, for those who don’t know, that’s NOT a video screen in the back ground. Those displays are all generated by PEOPLE holding up placards.

    Here’s another video of a different show at the same arena:

    There’s a Lovecraftian scale of horror and awe at those displays, knowing that they are comprised of thousands cards being held and changed in synch by people.

  10. jimh says:

    North Korea, everything sunny all the time, always, good time, beach party.

  11. oliver schmieding says:

    not view-able here in germany - what sinister plot is this ?!?!?
    does our GEMA (semi-federal company for the management of copyright blah)
    transfer invisible monies to north korea??!!
    we might be on to something here :)

  12. MelSkunk says:

    My friend and I were discussing NK last night.
    “What makes people live in a place like that?”
    “No, why do they believe all that ridiculous stuff.”
    “I’m pretty sure the answer is still guns.”
    “Not state media?”
    “Well, why is there only STATE media?”
    “G.. oh, I see what you did there..”

  13. Jake0748 says:

    Did Kim Jong Ill have a secret desire to work at Jiffy Lube, or Grease Monkey? 

  14. Deidzoeb says:

    Thank you for helping me discover my fetish for ladies dancing with sabres.

  15. Cowicide says:

    Oh dear lawd that was funny.  I’m going to miss stuff like this after SOPA destroys stuff like this.

  16. flosofl says:

    “Everyday I’m SUFFERING…”

  17. Jim Beach says:

    Dictators have also been known for their freestyle gangsta rap.

    East Europe,

    West Europe.

  18. robuluz says:

    Way to check out that display kitchen!

    • thezarray says:

      They probably literally had a guy sitting under the cupboard turning a handpump when glorious leader fliped the people’s switch.

  19. BombBlastLightingWaltz says:

    The bouncing goose stepping provides the honourable party leaders with beneficial and rewarding optical stimulation when the female soldiers parade past their grandstand. 

    The accompanying ‘music’ score is UnNorth Korean. 

    Amazing choreography. North Korea would definitely win Olympic Gold for synchronized swimming

  20. regondi says:

    watch the 2004 film “State of Mind”

  21. Rich Keller says:

    I could have sworn that this was something Cyriak had animated.

  22. Eric Giesbrecht says:

    If you look at the crowd at 2:50 there are two CIA agents disguised as awkward white dudes in aviator sunglasses in the crowd.

  23. Amphigorey says:

    Maybe this is just me being way too uptight about things, but I can’t enjoy any of these clever videos about North Korea. They would be funny, it’s not a lack of creativity on the maker’s behalf. 

    It’s more that those people behave in such a mock-able way because they are absolutely helpless to a mad man’s rule. Even in death he controls them with life-long programmed fear. They have limited access to any real knowledge and live in dreadful, bleak conditions.

    Anyway, that’s my two cents. These poor people. 

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