Handmade Music Factory - great DIY book


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  1. thebelgianpanda says:

    I’ve been a wind instrument maker for, gosh, a decade and a half now.  If you are interested in more than luthier work, Fundamentals of Musical Acoustics and virtually anything by Benade is fabulous reading.  Although nothing is more important than patience and well calibrated measuring tools :)


    Also, for those of us instrument nuts, I moved to Phoenix a couple months ago and was absolutely blown away by the Music Instrument Museum.  http://themim.org/  It has the largest collection of valved trombones I have ever seen :D


    how could i forget, the tome that me and a good friend of mine spent way too much time in high school reading. http://www.amazon.com/Art-Organ-Building-Comprehensive-Construction/dp/0486213145

    Dover press is like O’Reilly to nerdy musicians.

  2. garima singh says:

    nice one

  3. Bucket says:

    I’m more into machine-made musical instruments.

    You know, CNC Music Factory.

  4. I could make instruments like this all day.

    I still wouldn’t be able to play one.


  5. Blogdog says:

    Love these homemade instruments, reminds me of some of the wonderous things Seasick Steve plays haha. My grandad recently gave me an old cigar-case guitar that he made years ago, lovely little thing! :)

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