AraabMuzik hammering on his drum machine

Please enjoy Abraham Orellana (aka AraabMuzik) hammering on his Akai MPC drum machine/sampler/sequencer at the 1500M2 nightclub in Warsaw, Poland.


  1. this is not really dubstep like it was FIFTEEN YEARS AGO… when it first arrived on the clubscene — so it kills me when hand-me-down culture gets so diluted.

    LOVE how nobody is dancing (or step’n) – and of course, there’s no dub track either… 

    clubkids look bored. a few whoo-hoos and videography does not look like a fun night out — this technician shredded *music* to bits: all that’s left are bare threads.

    1. araabmuzik is a hip-hop producer, i don’t think anyone should be expecting some deep dungeon dub at any of his shows – it’s not club music, people aren’t there to dance, they’re there to watch a master at work. this kind of shit you’ve gotta appreciate on a technical level, like free jazz. sure, he’s playing some mid-step wobble tearout, but he’s absolutely murdering it. also consider that this is not the only stuff he plays live – this shit goes on for an hour you know.

      next time you want to sound cool on the internet, why don’t you go to a skrillex show and complain to all the kiddies about the good old days of dubstep. the rest of us will be busy listening to some kick ass music (not skrilly)!

      1. No!  He’s not doing it right! 

        FIFTEEN YEARS AGO, everybody knew the rules about dubstep and everybody danced and the world was a much better place!  You don’t even know!

        You’re not allowed to enjoy music if you don’t know all the rules!  It’s not allowed.

    2. Those guys arn’t dancing cause there busy thinking, “holy shit” and filming it with there cell phones cause they want to show it off to friends later, and post it on the internet…

      Have fun remembering how much better everything was in your “glory” days, while the rest of the world enjoys the present.

    1. Liquid Sky – otherwise – one of the best glitch-beat soundtracks ever. A delightful mess,just like the film.

    1. uuuhhhh… pretty sure there’s a serious lack of 2-step influence there as well. or did you not know where the “step” came from?

  2. Impressive speed and dexterity, and yet not especially musical or rhythmically interesting to my ears. So, Wow! + Meh..

  3. Old-ish person here who was pretty engrossed for the full running time so he must be doing something right.

  4. a) This highlights all the parts of dubstep that people who don’t like it point out

    b) This highlights why a sample can be and is a musical instrument

  5. Childish noise, adolescent play, not music, not original, not a hint of a message or emotion. Amazing? meh. a yawn.

  6. Luckily Araabmuzik isn’t known for making American-dubstep-Skrillex-style beats. It’s just an example that hip-hop producers eat up pop culture like no other genre (I hope you’ve noticed the dubstep-esque takeover in pop music lately. And although I do appreciate his talent, watching videos of people beating their beat boxes like this reminds me of watching someone wank off an electric guitar solo…loud, obnoxious, and a lot of dudes “rockin out” (sans devil horns). BUT at least he looks better doing it.

  7. Like watching a monkey trying to type Shakespeare.  I would have thought with soooooo many key presses he was bound to find one that made music, I was wrong.

  8. What I’m not impressed about is that he basicly plays drums (the same drum samples he uses on every youtube video) over some loops of a commercially released Skrillex track called Nice Sprites and Scary Monsters …

    Here’s an example of somebody actually rearranging a song into something new on an Akai MPC :

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