Anti-SOPA registrar will help you leave GoDaddy for anywhere, even the competition


11 Responses to “Anti-SOPA registrar will help you leave GoDaddy for anywhere, even the competition”

  1. Kathie says:

    Great idea, GoDaddy has always sucked, but this is the cherry on the sundae of suckage.

  2. Has the post been (re)moved? Getting a 404 here.

  3. Shows how far advertising can get you.  GoDaddy have always been a horrible company, for so many different reasons, and yet they’re huge.  If they had a smaller marketing budget they’d have gone down years ago.

  4. Nick Mailer says:

    Hi Amin. It’s possible that geoIP is playing up. Try this link instead:

  5. daneyul says:

    GoDaddy supports SOPA?

    Thank God!  If that misogynistic, serial-spamming, god-awful-web-designing, elephant killing, domain-sniping piece of shit company was against it I think I’d have to reevaluate my position.

  6. Mordicai says:

    “SOPA-quisling” is a perfect term.

  7. Blaven says:

    I’m in the process of moving my small company off of GoDaddy.  Not because of SOPA (though that does concern me), but because their service sucks.

  8. When Bob Parsons shot and killed an African elephant and posted it on his Facebook page, people were fleeing GoDaddy like crazy…………..many of them coming to host with our company: Canvas Dreams ( I do highly recommend checking them out as they walk the walk and talk the talk, when it comes to being a sustainable and people oriented web hosting company that CARES about their customers, and the planet. They are also a certified B-Corporation, which puts people, planet and profits………exactly in that order……………that’s why it’s called a Benefit Corporation or B-Corp.

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