Custom Newtonmas ornament


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  1. We had one of these but it fell on the cat.

    He’s been off in the corner scribbling furiously ever since.

  2. Guy says:

    Ah, at Uni my alls Christmass tree had a rocket on top, fitting for imperial.

  3. BJ Nicholls says:

    OMG, December 25 is Karl Rove’s birthday! Does that mean someone has a bust of Rove collapsing a Christmas tree and perhaps the first floor of their house? Where’s the hand sanitizer for my keyboard?

  4. mesocosm says:

    Jesus was most likely born in September? I’d like to see the evidence for that statement, given that the historical reliability of the gospels approaches zero.

  5. Kommkast says:

    Hehehe….. Newtonmas… Newton mass… I get it. :3

  6. Petzl says:

    Poor Newton. He’s a heavily-used shill in the creationist “controversy”.  Because Newton was a believer and invoked Him constantly, they invoke him (Newton) constantly in Evolution debates (never mind that Darwin came 200 years after Newton and the guy probably would’ve taken evolution and ran with it if he’d been born more recently).

    • Wreckrob8 says:

      Religion is full of inconsistencies and the inconsistencies can be filled with more God or science. Science is full of inconsistencies and the inconsistencies can be filled with more science or God. Fundamentalists exist at both extremes. Somehow I feel the real problem is belief and the pre-historical? schism between religious and artistic expression.

  7. miasm says:

    You know, my local Church has this multi-denominational thing down pat.

  8. I would love to see support for a September birth date as I have never seen that suggested before.

  9. heckblazer says:

    There’s a decent chance that Newton wasn’t born on the 25th either.  Christmas celebrations were banned in England at the time, and a birthday celebration was a way to covertly observe the holiday.

  10. TimRowledge says:

    You can always celebrate Nigelmass – it’s my younger brother’s birthday. 

  11. SedanChair says:

    They observed that Dec 25th isn’t actually Jesus’ birthday, he was most likely born some time in Sept

    What’s with this whole “Jesus existed” assertion? Did somebody unearth convincing extrabiblical evidence while I was out shopping today or something?

  12. Bodhipaksa says:

    I thought Newton’s birthday was only December 25th in the Julian calendar. Since we now use a different calendar shouldn’t we celebrate his birthday on Jan 4th (which happens to be my birthday, or “Bodhimas”?

  13. CLamb says:

    The word “Christmas” does not refer to Jesus’ birthday but to the ritual celebration commemorating Jesus birth.  Therefore Newtonmas would refer not to the day but to a special mass to celebrate him.

  14. brerrabbit23 says:


    (or calculus, as you prefer)

  15. chipsandchips says:

    Are you sure that’s not Neil Gaiman?

  16. ackpht says:

    You could always go with Bogie.

  17. niktemadur says:

    A good enlightenment holiday like Newtonmas deserves a good secular calendar, the Tranquility Calendar ( ).

    Fun fact, Newtonmas falls on the 17th on the month of Faraday.
    Curiously, no Tranquility month is named Newton, so let’s give him this day!

    The months in order and starting on July 21th, are Archimedes, Brahe, Copernicus, Darwin, Einstein, Faraday, Galileo, Hippocrates, (Aldrin Day on Leap Years), Imhotep, Jung, Kepler, Lavoisier and Mendel.  Finally, the New Year’s blowout would fall on Armstrong Day, July 20th.

  18. Peter says:

    I prefer to celebrate December 24th.  The day that man first orbited the moon, proving that our bonds to this Earth can be overcome, and inspiring us to gorge ourselves to increase our mass and gravitational attraction to the Earth, and also to hold close to our family lest some explosive application of physics take them from us.

    It also tends to be the day that my family tends to do most of our Christmas stuff, so it works out well, they celebrate their holiday, I’ll celebrate mine, and we can do it together.

  19. Joe Saul says:

    I would buy one of these if they were available.  Just saying.

  20. snagglepuss says:

    HEY! Where’s the Carlos Castaneda ornament ?! And Shane MacGowan?  They were born on December 25th, too.

    Hmmph. I always knew that Christmas was loaded with prejudice and exclusionism.

  21. chortick says:

    Posting an anti-Christmas message is sure to generate an equal and opposite reaction…

    • I don’t think this is particularly anti-Christmas. A reader is describing how his family celebrates the holidays and why, and showing off an ornament that goes with that.  Submitterate your awesome, creative, custom-made nativity scene and I’d post that.

      I’m celebrating Christmas today. But that’s not true of everybody who reads BoingBoing and to pretend otherwise would be to dishonor their traditions. 

      This is not anti-Christmas. This is pro-pluralism.

  22. Jim Moskowitz says:

    It wouldn’t really be appropriate to put Jesus on a tree at Christmastime — Spoilers.

  23. ferd says:

    If you lay under the tree and this falls on to your head, will you know the next Apple product?

  24. Roy Trumbull says:

    Shouldn’t be too hard to make ornaments consisting of integral symbols or dy/dx.

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