Cute ABC book for Android

Wuffabet is a new Android app for small kids: an ABC book with great illustrations and music and really cute animations (it also has some very good nonstandard animal choices, like U for Urchin (sea urchins), F for Flying Squirrel, N for Narwhal, O for Octopus, and Y for Yaffle!). It was created by Chad Essley, who's done animations for Sesame Street. A nice option for post-present-opening lulls and new phones/tablets.


(Thanks, Chad!)


    1. I think it’s terrifying; the googly bug eyes do the trick. I have a T-Shirt depicting one of my RPG Group GM’s monsters that is similar and viscerally disturbing, 

  1. Hello BoingBoing! I’m honored to be considered another happy mutant.

    Actually this freezeframe is from bukkit being clicked and dragged away from Walrus..
    So there’s a little surprise and inside joke for the child if they discover it.

    Working on some other animated and non animated (comics) that adult mutants will enjoy too. (Android and Ios) So stay tuned..

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