FOGCon: new literary sf convention in San Francisco

Keyan sez, "FOGcon is a new literary-themed SF/F con in the tradition of Wiscon and Readercon, but based in San Francisco Bay Area. It was held for the first time in 2011. This year (2012) it'll be from March 30-April 1, 2012, at the Walnut Creek Marriott. The theme is 'The Body', with two wonderful Honored Guests, writer Nalo Hopkinson and writer and artist Shelley Jackson. It's a great con with a warm and friendly ambiance, a manageable size, and intelligent programming. And it's less than an hour from down-town San Francisco."



  1. Oh, come now, guys.  WC Marriott plenty close to BART (10 minute brisk walk) and it’s got to be pretty cost-effective space.  Your hipster cred will not ablate like John Glenn’s retropack just because you come to the windward side of the Berkeley hills.

    (And it’s only about 1 mile from my office, so I’m all for it)

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