Hypnotic folk dance


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  1. jeffkart says:

    what? I don’t see it? 

  2. Paul Renault says:

    Lemme guess: they’re all on Segways?

    /No really, the choreography is amazing.

  3. At first, it’s “They’re on wheels?”, then at some point, I saw it was obvious that it was roller skates they had on.

  4. hypersomniac says:

    So… uh, where’d you get this acid, man?

  5. jaypee says:

    At 2:44 we see a young Matt Damon taking a break from running the light to give applause.

  6. Eark_the_Bunny says:

    Busby Berkeley would like this.

  7. OgilvyTheAstronomer says:


  8. So that’s what female Daleks look like!

  9. Anthrodiva says:

    They weren’t on roller skates. A couple of times you can see the tripping little steps they are taking. What you are seeing is practice. 

  10. Glen Able says:

    This was all done with computer graphics.  The artists used big skirts because they couldn’t be arsed animating all those legs.

  11. Rich Keller says:


    This reminded me of a couple of very different things – the Spinning chorus from Wagner’s Flying Dutchman and a George Pal Puppettoon.

  12. Chris Burch says:

    Fascinating. I had heard rumors about the Soviets breeding women with wheels for feet.

  13. atimoshenko says:

    I actually saw them live in Doha (of all places) early November. It’s quite a show.

  14. If hypnotic dance is your thing, then you have GOT to see this:


  15. viggy says:

    ll I kept thinking, dance of the Daleks

  16. And thus, they generated the electricity required to power their village by the ocean for a month, making all the citizens quite happy. 

    • bklynchris says:

      On so many levels-what did I just watch?  But the ending, had the two mirrors facing each other-level of mental processing.  Your interpretation was but one of those reflections flickering through that brain stutter!

      I mean, what u wrote literally had me LOL!

  17. lese says:

    One of my cultural regrets is not attending an American Film Institute series on Soviet movies which included one billed as a typical musical telling the “boy meets tractor- boy loses tractor- boy gets tractor in the end” story.

  18. gothicgeek says:

    Now I have motion sickness :(

  19. misterpickle says:

    I am a better person for having seen this.  Thanks for posting!

  20. I am confused. They looked like they were on a backdrop but then they turn and bow to the ocean. What happened to the stage?

  21. Geoduck says:

    I’ve read that one of Terry Nation’s inspirations for the Daleks was in fact seeing a group of dancers very much like this.

  22. p!ssirk says:

    With the admonition to watch to the very end came the expectation that they’d be eaten by frogs.

  23. Terry di Paolo says:

    This is Nadia Nadezhdin’s ensemble Birch founded in 1948.  And they aren’t on wheels – they have their dresses hemmed right to the floor so you can’t see their feet movements, but it’s a ballet technique that keeps their shoulders virtually still while they move.  It’s amazing.  There are more of them on youtube…

  24. Ah, Georgian folk dance. Mesmerizing indeed. If you enjoyed this clip, you might also enjoy http://youtu.be/UNXAZcKCY0M

  25. Ian Whitehouse says:

    I thought the North Koreans invented this sort of stuff but now I see they’re just a recent copy :)

  26. speleothem says:

    This was really charming.  My guess is at the end they’re bowing to Mighty River Volga.

  27. Sparrowhawk says:

    In Soviet Russia, dance folks you!

  28. Konrad Błażejowski says:

    Beyonce is already practicing those moves for her next video…

  29. Cheri Borden says:

    When they sitting and waving their arms around, they’re spinning flax with a hand spindle and distaff. Er, I mean they *would* be, if they actually had a spindle, distaff, and some flax. The spinning movements are eerily exact. Also, I disagree with the wheel theory – I propose that they’ve got iron shoes on, and stagehands with big magnets running about madly under the boards.

  30. rfid4dna says:

    The splices are really distracting..

  31. peterkvt80 says:

    My guess it is a part of the celebration for the opening of a hydroelectric plant, which is why they bow to the river bringing power and strength to the mighty Soviet empire.

  32. Katherine Spring says:

    I think this is an excerpt of the 1961 comedy, _Devichya vesna_ (_Springtime on the Volga_), the entirety of which can be found here: http://studymovie.com/drama/1693-devichya-vesna-1960.html .  It was shot using Sovscope, a widescreen format with an aspect ratio of 2.35:1.  In this excerpt, the director seems to be taking full advantage of that horizontal latitude.

  33. Sam Gus says:

    But of course, cultures other than Beatles and (fake) madona exist. Those liking things hypnotic can go easy with soviet films and focus on their own navels instead. Mirrors can provide some help, too.

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