Pet dog from 30,000 years ago

 1201 Features Images Czech This is the skull of someone's pet dog from more than 30,000 years ago. It was buried with a mastodon bone clenched in its chompers. Found in Czech Republic by archaeologist Mietje Germonpré of Belgium's Museum of Natural History and colleagues, it's one of three canid crania they discovered from the era. The skulls support other recent research suggesting that dogs were domesticated 15,000 years earlier than previously thought. This news is one of Archaeology magazine's "Top 10 Discoveries of 2011."


    1. You beat me to it, I was gonna say: “What do we want? Fry’s dog! When do we want it ? Fry’s dog!”

  1. What is particularly interesting is the Mastodon bone in the dog’s mouth.  Was this an intentional burial with a ‘last meal?’  Curious.

    1. I suspect the dog, once he/she got hold of a kick-ass Mastodon rib, wasn’t going to just drop it because he/she was dead.

  2. It does seem that the takeaway from the last ten years of archaeology is that humans were doing interesting and organized things a lot longer than was once thought.

    I’m not talking anything like “Between the time the Ocean drank Atlantis and the rise of the Sons of Aryas” but pushing back serious organized civilization a few tens of thousands of years, and symbolic/ritualized activities before 100,000bc.

  3. The people who buried the dog must have really valued it. Maybe they had a pretty good life with plenty of resources if they could go through the effort of burying a dog and giving it grave goods. We wouldn’t have the hard evidence of domestication as early as this if they hadn’t done this. I wonder if there is a breed today that’s similar to these early dogs.

  4. I wonder what that dog was like.  Was it a companion?  Was it a guard dog?  Was it a hunting dog?  It almost certainly was not a herding dog.

    One interesting note about this very old dog:  it was already distinctively a dog, and not a wolf.  This indicates that there was a long line of domesticated and selectively bred canids that went before it.

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