Young Bison's Christmas song

Lee Winters’ Last Christmas

One of my favorite Christmas songs is Young Bison's "Lee Winters’ Last Christmas," which I found on the 2007 edition of the SSMXMAS collection. I don't know anything about the band, but this sweetly melancholy Christmas song makes me happy every time it shuffles into my player.

Lee Winters’ Last Christmas by Young Bison


  1. I’ve listened to this song every year since you posted a link to the Suburban Sprawl Christmas compilation’s page 4 or so years ago! I too tried to find out more about the band, but it seems to be a defunct project… There was definitely a Youtube video of them performing “Son”, but I can’t find it again… Sean Higgins, the lead singer, has way too common of a name for me to be sure about any search results…

    1. Someone needs to do a cover of that song that really captures the pathos, the betrayal, the revenge. Possibly imitating Vincent Price.

  2. Dude! Thank you so much! I was in Young Bison, and I recorded that tune between a hotel on Hell’s Kitchen and a couple of our houses back in Michigan. If you’re interested in more Young Bison, email me – Ian at michigansoundservices dot com

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