Young Bison's Christmas song


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  1. Alex Kim says:

    I’ve listened to this song every year since you posted a link to the Suburban Sprawl Christmas compilation’s page 4 or so years ago! I too tried to find out more about the band, but it seems to be a defunct project… There was definitely a Youtube video of them performing “Son”, but I can’t find it again… Sean Higgins, the lead singer, has way too common of a name for me to be sure about any search results…

  2. Guest says:

    And yet Wham’s Christmas song continues to be ignored on this site…

  3. Ian Walker says:

    Dude! Thank you so much! I was in Young Bison, and I recorded that tune between a hotel on Hell’s Kitchen and a couple of our houses back in Michigan. If you’re interested in more Young Bison, email me – Ian at michigansoundservices dot com

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