Lieberman wants Taliban blocked on Twitter

Joe Lieberman wants Islamist extremist accounts banned on Twitter.

Aides for Joe Lieberman, chair of the Senate Homeland Security Committee, said the move was part of a wider attempt to eliminate violent Islamist extremist propaganda from the internet ... Twitter is reported to be rejecting the move after pointing out that unlike al-Qaeda, the Taliban movement is not registered by the State Department as a foreign terrorist organisation.

Lieberman seems not be targeting terrorists who plan attacks using the service, but rather Taliban propagandists famous for political hysterics, gloating, and bickering with NATO counterparts. It makes no sense at all except as censorious weight-pulling for its own sake.

The ranty impulse is to suggest that he's got that Clash of Civilizations thing going on, or that he doesn't trust you with the liberty to hear what Helmand Harry has to say. If anything, however Lieberman seems smaller than that. It's as if he's simply embarrassed to see the enemy free to speak, and banning them from Twitter is his best idea to silence them.

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  1. This is just stupid. You ban the Taliban, a new network of Twitter names will begin to develop carrying their message.

      1. … or that he understands a thing about the Internet. Or that he has even used the Internet more than a few times, for that matter.

    1. maybe, but you still get to say that you “banned the taliban.”

      don’t forget, he’s a mean old man who is leaving his position and will die of old age soon enough, possibly unloved and alone, hadassah being at a pharmaceutical conference at the time, fomenting corruption.

  2. Holy Joe is a passionate and dedicated opponent of free speech and civil liberties, therefore this is not surprising.  This ban would probably fall under the rubrik of “material support for terrorism” – as in “winning hearts and minds”, propaganda and deception are always integral parts of any war effort.

    Fools like him should really be wondering why it is that some people would be receptive to their message, this is a more important question.

  3. Like that’ll stop the Taliban doing their thing… sure it is…

    And it’s a hell of an example to freedom lovers everywhere. Silence unpopular opinion and offensive expression. Wait, wasn’t that the Taliban’s line? Maybe they can make a quick buck, claiming copyright (or is it patent?) infringement. Or are ideas for censorship and repression universal?

    1. Everybody knows America does not engage in propaganda because the American public is too smart to fall for it.

  4. For some reason I imagine Joe Lieberman as Droopy Dog doing Jack Nicholson’s famous “You can’t handle the truth!” line.

    1. I believe every time Lieberman is discussed on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, there’s an image of Droopy Dog used, which always struck me as very appropriate

  5. Yes, of course! If they can’t use Twitter they will admit defeat and go away. Brilliant, Joe, just brilliant!

  6. Hey Joe, If you’re in the middle of a speech-stifling frenzy, here’s another Twitter account for you : @HSMPress (Harakat Al-Shabaab Al Mujahideen) – Somalia
    Although they speak excellent English, and word has it that it’s operated out of Toronto, eh?.  Pull some strings and get it done…

  7. Couldn’t we just use our own freedom of speech to make strong arguments against what the Taliban is saying? Or at least follow them and then spam the hell out of them with annoying messages?

  8. “Twitter is reported to be rejecting the move after pointing out that unlike al-Qaeda, the Taliban movement is not registered by the State Department as a foreign terrorist organisation.” Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm didn’t this spark an interest part in the article to any of you??? Twitter had pointed out The TALIBAN is not a registered foreign Terrorist Organization! This is Bombshell News! Why do I ask? because why the hell are we fighting a group our government claims is a Terrorist Organization buuuuuuuut their not registered as such? Something is seriously Wrong Here!

  9. How about blocking the republicans.

    Wait, Lieberman was a democrat?
    OK, how about lets just block all politicians.

  10. Lierberman is a moron.  Intelligence agencies around the world including the US monitor such social media sites used by terrorists.  They’re basically a free lunch for the intelligence community.

  11. Just remember, Joe Lieberman, fresh off the presidential race as Al Gore’s VP mate, was the *key* Democrat point man who was insistent that we create the Department of Homeland Security and the TSA.  It’s hard to fathom now, but Bush was originally against both.  But Bush pivoted after it was clear that the Democrats would prevail in getting DHS and TSA.  Plus, Bush wanted Democrats to vote for the Patriot Act and the Iraq War.

    Point is, this is nothing new for Lieberman whatsoever.  It perfectly fits the pattern.

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