Chinese man makes tiny car for $600

Restaurant owner Qu Zhibo spent three years building this cool looking little car in his spare time. It cost about $600 in parts.

“I am a military fan, my design is inspired by armored command vehicle. I am thinking painting it camouflage to make it look more of a real thing.” Said Qu. As for craftsmanship, everything from engine cover, seats, car skin etc are completely handmade by Qu himself, except for steering wheel, tires, tank and engine which are bought parts.

Chinese man makes tiny car for $600


  1. My goodness… That site is just filled to the brim with sad happenings in China. Tiny car that looks like golf cart? That is not the real story…

  2. He is brilliantly avoiding trademark claims by opting for an 8-slot grille as opposed to the more litigiously flirty 7-slotter of Jeep/Hummer fame. Well done, counselor.

    1. It could have to do with superstition. In China, 7 is associated with togetherness and perseverance. 8, meanwhile, is more closely associated with wealth and prosperity. In that context, 8 slots is more appropriate for a business owner’s car grille.

      1.  I know the number eight is a bigger deal in China than most people in the west understand, but I think it’s probably more likely that not a whole lot of thought went into this particular issue :)

  3. he also makes all the ingredients to his restaurant entrees. try the “shredded paper salad”, it’s actually better than one might think.

  4. Meh, my two girls made a go-kart when they were pre-teens (10 & 12) that could swagger that thing to shreds (and it didn’t cost them $600 to do it).

  5. Nope…This shit is Great.

    Thats some real steam punk right there…a total win

    Jeep style grille is a totally viable grill-style: how much air do a car need?

    How big are the bugs where You live?

  6. if more of us were not AFRAID of the “RULES” and would make things like this,  even if it was a fail,  MAKE things,  we would have more creativity and inventiveness.   Rather than buying premade plastic consumer schlock.      Hooray!  Make a car!  Hooray!

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