Hymn For Her - cigar box guitar music

[Video Link] Andrew says: "This video is wonderful, I had never heard of Hymn For Her but this video (a Led Zeppelin cover, needless to say) got me hooked on them and their albums even moreso."


  1. As someone born in 1952 (for whom LZ was a formative experience), and a total guitar snob, that was freakin’ awesome!!

  2. I saw them play at a farmer’s/ craft market at The Stardust Cafe in north Orlando a few months ago. That is actually one of their lesser songs… they have even better, more hypnotic ones than that. So amazing.

  3. Gosh! If someone ever makes a cigar-box guitar from one of those 3D printers I think HEADS WOULD EXPLODE at boing boing.

  4. I was prepared to hate this – to dismiss it as an excessively twee (as much uke and cigar-box music is).  But I can’t hate this.  I love it.

  5. The great part is how totally into it they are.  You could play this for ironic laughs but it’s so much harder to be honest and sincere.  So drastically unhip that it ends up being cool.

  6. That’s not just a cigar box guitar, that’s a Lowebow!  Great instruments with unique sounds and styles.  Look up Lowebow Fest 2012 if you like the sound of this band, they’ll be there in Orlando in March along with a few other completely different bands that all utilize the Lowebow!

  7. Take it to the top Hymn for Her….you’ve got what it takes!  This performance is spot on!  Your originals are even more amazing and diverse as all get out –  keep on keeping on…to two of the most creative and talented artists of our time.  Spread the word!

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