Load DRM-free media on the Kindle Fire with Miro


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  1. Jeremiah McCoy says:

    hmm.  I wonder if you can do the same with the Nook Tablet?

  2. s2redux says:

    For those who like clickable links: Download Miro and Join the project here.

  3. scatterfingers says:

    The Kindle Fire is genius. The only thing about it Amazon doesn’t control is the actual content production, though I can imagine they must have their eye on that too.

    Imagine a completely vertically integrated entertainment pipe. Amazon makes the content, Amazon sells the content, Amazon makes the device the content is viewed on, and Amazon makes a killing.

    They’re moving into Apple’s territory, the same way Apple moved into theirs.

  4. waetherman says:

    It’s a little unfair to say that Amazon “doesn’t make it easy to convert and sync video” – like most other devices it’s as easy as drag-and-drop. There is no need to “go through their servers”. It may not support a lot of formats but it certainly is capable of loading apps that play obscure formats.

    Miro sounds like a fine app, but the creators shouldn’t be spreading false rumors about the Fire just to make their app seem necessary.

  5. Stephen Dennis says:

    Why even bother. 

  6. Miro is an awesome concept, an RSS compatible Bittorent client and media manager and player, and the Mac version is finally robust and pretty bug free. I wish I could say the same about the Linux version. Every time they fix one bug they seem to create at least one new one.

    One nice feature that is not well known about Miro is that it is the easiest way to share media on your local network. You can easily set it so that all the computers can see and play each others media. It is the only simple way to share media between my Mac and linux box since Lion broke Samba.

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