Quest, a Saul Bass short fim based on Bradbury's "Frost and Fire"

[Video Link] Avi Solomon says: "Quest is a short film made in 1983 by Elaine and Saul Bass (the iconic designer) based on Ray Bradbury’s 1946 story 'Frost and Fire.'"

"Frost and Fire" was a memorable Bradbury story for me. I first read it in a 1966 paperback edition of R is for Rocket that was on the shelves at Nevin Platt Junior High School in Boulder, CO, where I also discovered Edgar Rice Burroughs (and John Norman's Gor titles, which were very popular while they lasted).


  1. Kudos on your middle school lit choice – “R is for Rocket” was a great read!  I discovered Roger Zelazny in middle school and was totally hooked until I figured out he couldn’t write an ending that lived up to great writing in the rest of the novel (“Roadmarks” and a couple of others excluded).

    P.S. my daughter goes to Nevin Platt right now, LOL.

  2. I always thought “Frost and Fire” was a kickass little story that never got the recognition it deserved, so it’s nice to see this.  I suppose it can be argued that it’s pretty dissimilar from pretty much everything else Bradbury wrote, though.

  3. Sorry, your reference to Norman’s Gor books being on the shelves of your middle school library just made me spittake my coffee.  That’s some fine educational librarianing there, Lou.

  4. My story about this is that I saw the end of it after school one day, and it looked AMAZING, and I had no idea what it was. The visuals always stuck in my mind. About 15 years later,  I described it and asked for their “help identify this memory” column, and they actually did a feature on it.  Yay!

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