Zooey Deschanel plays "What Are You Doing New Years Eve?" on ukulele

[Video Link] Accompanied by Joseph Gordon-Levitt on guitar.


  1. I love her at least seventeen times more when she is kicking ass being awesome like this rather than her more recent “adorkable” ditz on-screen personae. Don’t get me wrong, I still love her then too, just seventeen times less and I hate myself a lot for it.

  2. Never in my life have I gone from having a huge crush on someone to being toally sick of their fake personality so fast.

  3. I’m just glad that she and Ben split up…now maybe he’ll go back to writing broody, depressing music again.

  4. It’s always wild to hear the richness of her voice, expecting just something cute coming from anyone with such ingenue eyes. 

    Her recent national anthem performance, particularly, swept aside that misperception. Instead, some whined that her performance was too somber. I felt the opposite – it was wonderful to hear the song performed by someone who had actually considered the story the lyrics tell.

      1. I believe Rasputin is correct.  If you notice the guitar in the background, the pick guard should be on the right side of the hole.  It’s possible that it’s a custom left-version, but I kind of doubt it…

        1. Custom? Left handed guitars are mass produced too, just not in the same
          quantities as the right handed ones, and people who play left-handedly tend to use lefty guitars. Except, of course, Jimi Hendrix.

      2. I also think the image is mirrored.  I can’t quite make out the writing on the music on the piano in the background, but based on its placement on the music stand and the orientation of the binding, it looks mirrored.

    1. Why in the world lefties feel they need to play their instrument backwards is beyond me.  The guitar is already left-handed.

    1. Oh, man, I know what you mean. Everything… EVERYTHING about this is custom-tailored to arouse the most frothy internet hate storm this side of “Friday.” They’re so pretty. And it’s a standard. And the production values are so disarmingly shoddy. And she’s on a FREAKING UKULELE! 

      This must be what all those computers on Star Trek felt like when Kirk fed them a logical paradox. ERROR ERROR HOW CAN I LOVE WHAT I HATE ERROR

  5. Two people having fun, making music and harmony together is not ‘wholly unremarkable’. It is the stuff that makes life wonderful.

    Certainly a whole lot more enjoyable than yet another cynical Boing Boing commenter in any case…

  6. I loved this! Thank you. She’s so precise, and fun, and the rich rich voice was lovely. Without wanting to dis Zoë in any way: tiaras. There’s something wrong about them, irl.

  7. I’m so fucking sick of ukelele girls. And Joseph-Gordon Levitt. But this was a nice job.

     Zooey, call me! *makes phone gesture with hand*

  8. I’d pay good money to see a movie where these two form a band and must battle crooked producers, evil IP lawyers and grumpy Internet commenters to reach stardom and happiness.

    Hollywood : make it so. It would make a freaking TRUCKLOAD of money, ‘sides.

  9. I thought it was adorable.

    Then again, I never tire of ukulele girls (or boys), and I like the tiara, so it’s well established I have no actual taste.

    Which is quite freeing, really. :-)

  10. Urgh. Like eating Jolly Roger Candy Canes soaked in double thick molasses, coated in a layer of sea salt and crystal sugar, surrounded by a shell of neopolitan ice cream layered in magic shell, doused in a stream of marachino cherry juice that was then dipped into a bucket of jimmies and cracked peanut butter brittle, with a thick wad of Cool Whip and raw egg whites dunked on top.

    Too much. A couple seconds into the song and I was wishing someone would replace the calendar with one that skips the holidays altogether. That Gordon-Levitt fellow just made it worse.

    Why can’t Lemmy from Motorhead do a holiday video with Philthy Campbell to counterbalance piles like this?

  11. I was afraid to even click on this… but I must admit that after hearing it I was quite surprised that she is a much better singer than actor.

  12. I was starting to get a bit tired of all the ukulele stuff on here… Then I succumbed and bought our daughter one for Christmas. She promptly ignored it in favour of a pink tutu and fairy wings (not from me, honest), so I picked it up and started playing around with it. They are actually great fun and not at all hard to get nice harmony from either. So no hate from me, I’m a convert and that was sweet. :-)

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