Interview with jolly old Maurice Sendak

[Video Link] "Go to hell. Go to hell."


  1. He grew up in Brooklyn, where it was “ordinary”. Ordinary! I think most of us would give our right thumbs for such an extraordinary “ordinary” environment. The soulless tract housing most children are subject to today makes me weep for the future of their imagination.

  2. That is totally the appropriate response to: “Let’s make a sequel to (insert classic story here)”. I applaud.

    1. It was on Fresh Air Stefan.  They just reran it the other day, they said that particular interview had generated more mail than any other they had done this previous year.  It was particularly powerful.  

  3. There was a great long interview with him just after the Where the Wild Things Are movie came out, pretty sure it was part of the DVD because it was shot and conducted by Spike Jonze and had Katherine Keener there being part of the conversation.  It was fantastic!  He really opened up about his personal life, his homosexuality, and the public’s reaction to his books.  I wish I knew whether it was online or not.  Might have been on one of the movie channels (HBO/Showtime…).  Anyone else see that?

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