Now more than ever, it's time to pull your domains from GoDaddy

Todd Wasserman of Mashable says "It's time to cut GoDaddy a Break." Marco Arment (creator of the fabulous Instapaper) disagrees:
Even if you’re OK with their support of SOPA, their sexist and tasteless commercials, and their elephant-killing CEO, they’re still a terrible registrar: their upselling is misleading, sneaky, and sleazy, their control panel is horrendously confusing, slow, and buggy (like the rest of their site), their DNS servers are unreliable and randomly ignore changes you make, their support is terrible, and they often block outbound transfers for no apparent reason. They don’t deserve “a break”.
Now more than ever, it's time to pull your domains from GoDaddy


    1. Many webhosts will take care of most of the process for you.  They’ll send you emails for approval, then you just upload/transfer your files (before the transfer goes through) so there’s no down time.  Some will even help you transfer the files.

      Also, you can switch hosting while still leaving the domain names with godaddy and move them later.  You don’t have to move your domains to have a new webhost point the DNS to them.

    2. I switched my blog to Hostgator yesterday, and it wasn’t all that difficult.  The worst part was having to log into GoDaddy’s admin pages to obtain all the information I needed to provide to Hostgator to get the domain and hosting services moved over.  Once that was done, I had a quick online chat with Jerry at Hostgator, who said he’d take care of it from there.  I then got an email notifying me when the move began, another message when they’d ported over 50% of my files, and another message when all the files were migrated over.  They gave me a link to a temporary page that gave me a preview of how the site looked on the new host and advised me that the transfer would be complete within 24 hours and I could log in and update it the same way I used to (it’s WordPress, so it’s all the same interface, no matter where it’s hosted).

  1. But have they *really* changed their stance?  They haven’t admitted perhaps they were wrong to support it or that they are now opposing the bill because their customers have demanded it. They oppose it because there’s no “consensus”? They support it and will only oppose it as long as it is unpopular, not because it’s bad legislation. 

    “Go Daddy opposes SOPA because the legislation has not fulfilled its basic requirement to build a consensus among stake-holders in the technology and Internet communities.”

    Edit: Corrected punctuation for clarity

  2. I’ve got one domain remaining (a one) still waiting for it to transfer.
     Seems like they are holding onto it for dear life.
    Come on, come on… want to start 2012 GD free.

  3. I haven’t switched because, contrary to those assertions, I still find GoDaddy’s control panels the most straightforward. It is true however that my initial use of GoDaddy was influenced by the assumption (so very wrong) that a site named “GoDaddy” must be owned by a beatnik. Later of course I learned that he’s the opposite of a beatnik, and was using the name in a manner that could be thought of as a deceptive. If some other company would copy GoDaddy’s panels exactly, I’d consider changing.

    1. I can only guess you haven’t used a lot of web hosting control panels?

      Due to my line of work I’ve come across a lot of the buggers, and although they’re rarely ‘user friendly’ GoDaddy’s is definitely one of the worst.  Would be genuinely interested to hear which you think are worse.  1and1’s is surprisingly straightforward for simple sites, but nothing beats Plesk which you’ll find on more premium services or dedicated servers.

      Justhostme have the worst panel IMO, when I used it most of the features didn’t work or were riddled with bugs.  It was like using an alpha product.

      1. I’ve used a bunch, including some companies that don’t even have control panels at all and you have to bug them to change things. Network Solutions was horrible, and they kept losing my email.

    2. I haven’t used GoDaddy for a while, but here’s the control panel I have at NearlyFreeSpeech. It does pretty well everything I need from a DNS control panel (that they support), and it does it in a single page without any junk. They don’t support all the stuff (like DNSSEC), but if we’re talking about straightforwardness, I think they deserve that prize :)

  4. What about all the other big companies that still support SOPA.  It seems like a big percentage of video games, tech and media companies are all still supporting SOPA.  Why is GoDaddy the only one to get the wrath of the webs.  Here is a list I found on  I can’t confirm if it is accurate, but it still reflects the larger issue.

    “Marvel Entertainment, News Corporation, Go Daddy, Disney Publishing Worldwide, Gospel Music Association, and some odd support from unions such as the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) and the International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT). Law enforcement also seems to think SOPA is a good idea: the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) as does lobby Americans for Tax Reform”.

    I’m not defending Godaddy, just wondering why they are singled out…

  5. all other things aside I’ve actually found their tech support to be extremely helpful, professional and effective. I suppose just like any other corp with a large support staff it all depends on who answers your call.

  6. I can’t get too worked up over their advertising. Yeah, tasteless and crude, but other businesses that primarily target young, male customers are no different: computer game magazines have scantily clad ladies in fantasy combat gear on their covers, car makers and electronics manufacturers employ bikini models/booth babes at conventions and trade shows. If it works, more power to them.

    Of course there plenty of other reasons to avoid them.

  7. I have had my two domains in “transfer request purgatory” (i.e. “awaiting release from registrar”) since 12/24. Something tells me that nothing’s going to happen until 1/2. And then I’ll have to call GoDaddy up and complain :(

    Update: Oh… you have to log in to GoDaddy’s panel, go to your domains, click on the transfer tab, and then go through a very oddly built GUI to “accept” the domain transfer out. But you don’t get any email that this is waiting for you to be done.

    1. You should’ve. On the 10 domains I transferred out during the past couple of days, I’ve received an email notifying me of this for every single domain.

      1. Nope, nothing. The last message I got from GoDaddy was the authorization code to send to my new registrar. Once I gave it to the new registrar, not a peep out of GoDaddy.

        1. Weird. I received four for each domain. The notification that a transfer had been requested (same email which says to go in and either actively approve or just wait it out and it’ll be approved), notification that it had been transferred away from Go Daddy, notification that my auto-renewals had been canceled, and another one saying, “we’re sorry to see you go” and “we’ll welcome you back”. blah blah.

          Sorry you didn’t get those. Not that I’m apologizing for them. 

  8. I’d love to leave, but who else going to give me domain registration, PLUS free hosting for $8 a year??? I haven’t found any so far…
    (Sure there are ads on the hosted pages, but they can easily be suppressed via some CSS.)

      1. Not even close.
        $7/month at bluehost vs. $8/YEAR at GoDaddy doesn’t sound very competitive to me…

        And before somebody recommends some free hosting service – I’ve tried a few of them, and they all seem to come and go faily randomly, whereas the free hosting at GoDaddy has been pretty reliable for the last few years.
        So I guess I’ll have to stay…

      2. Bluehost has a terrible track-record on LGBT issues. Google Autostraddle and bluehost, and bluehost and homophobic. You’ll find a number of unpleasant stories about how they treat paying clients who host with them. They consider any queer material, even if it’s a blog about gay athletes, to be blasphemous and counter to the “ethics” of their company.

        They reserve the right to take down, without notice, any site that they deem “salacious and inappropriate.” And they seem to have a long list of queer-related topics, like butch fashion sites, that they consider beyond salacious. We’re not talking about porn here. We’re talking about mainstream sites devoted to lesbian issues.

        The company, while not run exclusively by Mormons, has many Mormon employees and executives. It seems their ideas about what is acceptable chiefly stems from their conservative religious views on what content is appropriate.

        I just wanted to add this bit of information to help BBers make more informed decisions. I found out about their questionable history when I was searching for a new hosting company. It won’t be hard to find many stories of Bluehost taking down sites they considered vulgar because of content and words (such as “fuck”).Their standards don’t apply only to LGBT material. Were a customer to host a Lenny Bruce blog with them, the company would  take it down were it brought to their attention.

        I do not support companies run by bigots and I will not give money to companies that try to impose their standards on the contents of customers sites. I believe many Boingers feel the same. If anyone has updated information on the management of bluehost and their policies have changed, please post your information here. I’d love to see that things have changed for the better.

  9. Don’t forget, their founding CEO and chief elephant slayer also supports torture. In a now-removed 2005 blog article he advocated keeping Gitmo open and using harsher interrogation because “Prisoners in the Middle East talk quick. Here’s why” — and then went on to discuss why torturing people was a great thing for America (see! )
    Torture and SOPA support together. That’s a winner. Although I have to admit I was disappointed to find out that Lindsey Graham’s domain is registered through Wild West.

  10. GoDaddy has sent INCORRECT autho codes repeatedly for the last several months therefore not allowing me to move my remaining domains to OMNIS. OMNIS has given up too and urged me to contact ICANN. I have contacted ICANN and GD is already being watched for such. ‘Bob’ -GD owner seems to have gone loco, truly.All along the 8 years I have been with GD it has been one of the top 10 worst companies I have dealt with running my business.

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