Transcript of my 28C3 keynote


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  1. Mujokan says:

    You forgot to write it down, huh?

  2. Cory released the speech under CC BY-NC-ND. Presumably the ND is so that nobody can put words in his mouth? On the other hand, Wikisource seems to define ND as “Non-derivative criteria limit or disallow modifications, translations, or derived works such as musical arrangements, dramatizations, fictionalizations, motion picture versions, sound recordings, art reproductions, abridgments, condensations, or annotations.” (see here) I don’t see why Cory would prohibit that. So I’m not clear on what ND actually means.

    • Cory Doctorow says:

      I didn’t release it at all. The video was released by CCC (the person who makes the recording holds the copyright). The copyright in the text is CC-BY (it was never written down, I spoke from bullet-point notes).

      • By “text”, do you mean the speech as actually rendered by you at that time (i.e. not your notes)? Could, then, Joshua (if he were to agree) also release the transcript under CC-BY despite the fact that the transcript was based off a CC-BY-NC-ND work (which requires all derivative works such as transcripts to be licensed also under CC-BY-NC-ND)?

        My ultimate goal here is to see if the transcript could loaded onto Wikisource.

        The reason I’m interested is that I also recently translated your Scroogled story into Latin, but the license has to be CC-BY-NC because that is the original license. Which means the translation could not be put up on Wikisource (which also means, sadly, I’d have to host the translation elsewhere).

      • Mujokan says:

        Damn extemporizers…

  3. With Joshua’s change to the CC-BY license, the text is now up on Wikisource. Another work by Cory in his sadly sparse Wikisource page!

  4. I have also marked up the speech in Wikisource with various helpful wiki links in case a Congressman who is proud that they are not a nerd (or more likely, a staffer) reads the transcript.

  5. BTW, Cory, when you mentioned all the organizations supporting digital freedom (EFF, Bits of Freedom, and so on), I got them all except for “Nets Politique” Was that supposed to be Netpolitique?

  6. andi0 says:

    I added the transcript to the recording on YouTube:

    The timing was done automatically via YouTube’s upload transcript feature. If you want to improve the timing, just talk to us. We can provide an SRT file.

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