A science-centric SOPA boycott

Here's another SOPA supporter for you to boycott: Elsevier, publisher of many medical and scientific journals. You might also remember them from a 2009 scandal where Elsevier published fake journals as covert advertisements for pharmaceutical companies. Maybe it's time for scientists to consider not submitting papers to Elsevier journals or serving as peer reviewers for their journals. (Via The Quantum Pontiff and Jani Kotakoski)


  1. I’m fairly confused about what the National League of Cities is doing in there too, to be honest. They seem to be quite open to platforms for sharing information and creating opportunities between city leaders for networking – what have they got to gain from SOPA?

  2. I don’t know about the National League of Cities, but some companies (such as Gibson Guitar) have demanded that they are take off the list. Seems that they expressed some generalised support for protection of “intellectual property rights”, and the US Chamber of Commerce then used this to suggest they supported SOPA. See:


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