Alan Turing commemorative stamp


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  1. dustindriver says:

    Turing’s birthday is June 23, if anyone is interested in throwing a Turing party in his honor. I know I’ll at least go out for drinks.

  2. I think it is most probable that the British government had Alan Turing assassinated. They believed it a threat to public morality if it became known that WWII’s biggest hero was a homosexual.

    • Guest says:

      Follow the white rabite…

    • AnthonyC says:

      Regardless of whether his cyanide poisoning was murder or suicide, he *was* chemically castrated because he was homosexual. That trial and conviction would have been a matter of public record by that time.

  3. sfkeydel says:

    Sure would be swell if the UK govt were to overturn his conviction for being gay, as well.

  4. buddy66 says:

    A couple years ago I came across what was probably a yearbook photograph of a young, smiling Alan Turing. He looked so goddamned innocent and beautiful that my grandfatherly heart ached.

  5. Colin Rosenthal says:

    Every time I hear him described as a “code-breaker” a little part of me dies. Turing was one of the most profound, subtle, and original mathematical intellects of the 20th century. Does the news media have to portray him as a sort of gay cross between James Bond and Steve Jobs (not that that would be a bad thing, I’m sure) ?

  6. Bubba73 says:

    About bloody time. 

    This has a slight synchronicity for me as I’ve just started reading “Cryptonomicon” and Turing pops up quite a bit. 

    The apology from the British PM seemed sincere but the conviction still stands. He deserves a pardon at the very least, a brilliant man who gave the best years of his wonderfully creative life to aid his country and they drove him to suicide.

  7. Colin Rosenthal says:

    Disturbingly, there are people still living in Britain who have criminal records and are registered as sex offenders for breach of the same law for which Turing was convicted.

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