Iberian Peninsula aglow

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Above is the Iberian Peninsula as photographed from the International Space Station. Light pollution looks pretty from space. From National Geographic:

This photograph from space also shows airglow, a faint green arc seen along the horizon that's caused by chemical reactions among the gas molecules of Earth's upper atmosphere.
"Iberian Night"


  1. It´s our proud tradition of putting streetlights in every f***ing square meter of street.

    Even in highways to nowhere.

    Even in vacant residential areas with NO HOUSES.

    And that light is generated by low pressure sodium-vapor lamps! That are way less light pollutant than the old mercury ones that where mainstream 10 years ago in Spain!!!

  2. As spanish, I garantee that you mustn’t be worried about the future of light polution in Spain.

    In fact, I believe that in 10 years we’ll be living without light, and in another 20 we’ll live in caves. We’ll paint TVs in the walls like Mad Max 3.

  3. They need my 86 year old mother over there, as her favorite thing to say is “Why don’t you turn off the lights? You never turn off the lights.” I will be glad to help with some of the airfare if the Iberian peninsula people are interested.

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