If Atari game-boxes had told the truth

Mighty God King lives up to his handle with this fab series of truth-in-advertising shoops of old Atari game box-art, in which the true nature of the games is revealed in their titles.

Fun From Yesterday!


    1. Thak god, I just got turned on to it and it is CRAAAAAAAZZZZZZZYYYYYY funny.  “Tim Curry’s Magic Board” FTW!

      1. I’m a sucker for “Salvador Dali’s Pinball Thrills™” and “Gay French Mario Bros.™”

        1. Gay French Mario Bros, made me cry I was laughing so hard.  This guy’s funny bone is deadly.  jesus, GFMB was hilarious!

  1. I love the majority of these illustrations. It’s part nostalgia (because I owned most of these as a kid) and partly because they’re good in this kind of dated way.

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