Iran tests new radar-evading missile

A soldier carries ammunition on a naval ship during the Velayat-90 war game on Sea of Oman near the Strait of Hormuz in southern Iran December 31, 2011. Iran test-fired a new medium-range missile, designed to evade radars, on Sunday during the last days of its naval drill in the Gulf, the official IRNA news agency quoted a military official as saying. (REUTERS/Fars News/Hamed Jafarnejad - IRAN)


      1. “Turret may be turn without warning?” Perhaps Annapolis needs to stop focusing so much on Engineering, and return to the Liberal Arts.

      2. No.  That’s the Iranian Navy.  The Navy with the Iranian naval ships.  With the Iranian soldier.  Carrying the Iranian missiles. Which were tested during the Iranian war games.  Which don’t involve the U.S., because they don’t get along with Iran.  Iran.

  1. Beware.  The propaganda lead-up to war with Iran is underway.  Do not be deceived.  This is 1991 and 2003 all over again…

  2. The USA sold Iran much of its military equipment prior to the 1979 revolution.  In countries that receive US arms, English is often the language used for technical instructions and placards.

    One of the stranger experiences of my life was seeing English-language instruction placards inside a captured Iraqi tank.

    1. Even on Russian equipment, there are English(Engrish?) instructions or labels.  It’s not that surprising.

    2. To ad to that, the leader before the 1979 revolution was ‘the Shah of Iran’ who was put in to power after the CIA removed the democratically elected president.

  3. What?! How DARE those godless iranians test a radar evading missile!! SOMETHING MUST BE DONE!!!! Honey, where did I put my radar evading missiles? I’ve just found a legitimate target…

    1. Sure, a big slow moving ship is an easy target, but this isn’t going to get to that point. This is more saber-rattling on  both sides. None of the countries directly involved in this can afford to go to war, either politically or economically. Iran is struggling, the US is struggling, the EU is teetering on the brink of dissolving, and this is an election year. The only reason we’re even having this discussion is because Congressional Republicans want to create political hay with which to attack Obama in 2012, because they know the President will not go to war with Iran.

      But more importantly, if Iran ever sunk a single US naval vessel, from a small frigate to a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, the response would be so devastating and so overwhelming that Iran would take decades to recover. They know that. We know that. This “war” isn’t going to happen.

      1. None of the countries directly involved in this can afford to go to war, either politically or economically.

        Iraq was already in the early stages of a civil war ten minutes after the last US troops left.  That’s going to make it hard to justify intervention in Iran.

        1. Politically and economically, we couldn’t afford to go to war in Iraq either. What we can afford to do doesn’t seem to be as much of a factor as we’d like…

      2. The US might have issue with war with Iran, but what if this is a sideshow to get SOME American popular support for when the US’s Ally, Israel, does something particularly brutal to the Palestinians?
        I’m actually not as aware as I should be internationally speaking, but to an outsider, Israel gets (or seems to) American backing to do some Very Bad Things with impunity.
        Theres only one Nuclear Power in the mideast, and its track record has been aggressive and Theistic, which makes some of the world leery. Actually the ‘whole Israel thing’ seems like a bit of a rum issue, to dance around the topic delicately.
        As an outsider, I have sympathy for ‘the little guy’, and at a glance, its Palistine (who are probably as human as the rest of us for flaws, but I’m just telling you how some of us see it).

        Consider this; what if this is lead up for Israelian war of aggression, to celebrate 2012? How does that make you feel….?

    1. 40 mm high-explosive incendiary anti-aircraft rounds.  On a 7-round clip for rapid loading.

  4. “Turret may be turn without warning.”  Clearly they have an audience in mind. 
    Perhaps spray painting the goofy sign was faster than PhotoShoping a picture where the rusted old turret actually looks like it moves. 
    Do you like the ordie burqa or the Summer Camp life vest best? 

  5. It took me several visits to this site to notice the grammar error in the sign. It must be that my brain’s auto-correct feature is pretty good. However, it would seem to be a smart decision on my employer’s part not to pay me to proofread. :-)

  6. There seems to be some confusion here.  This was a test of the HMS (Human Missile System), where they launch actual humans at invaders.  The stealth capabilities consists of dodging from cloud to cloud hoping to not be noticed (notice the white mask and gloves for camouflage).  Unfortunately there seem to be a lack of volunteers for this project as shown in the photo above where the latest test round appears to be trying to blend in behind some too small ammo. 

  7. Can’t say that I blame them.

    They think we’re going to try bombing them back to the stone age and stealing their oil.
    They’re probably right about our intentions.
    Most of these wars we’re involved in are against nation’s who have nationalized their petroleum resources.
    Hegemony over energy resources is perceived as the key to “The New American Century”

    When do we go after Venezuela?

  8. Somewhat depressing to see even BoingBoing jumping on the ‘Iran is a threat’ bandwagon. When are we going to wake up to this manufacturing of bad guys (that in most cases either ‘we’ helped to come to power or are in power directly as a response to the very real threat that ‘we’ represent.)

    The money would be better spent developing a 12 step program to help us come off our oil addiction, rather than stealing it from other countries.

    We’ve been here before of course: “…Intelligence reports would come out ‘Iraq–incredible weapons…’
    How do you know that? “Uh–we looked at the receipt.” ~Bill Hicks

    1. Sure is, they towed the line this summer during Libya too. :(  Perhaps if Bieber performs a steampunk inspired song about it BoingBoing will realize how un-cool the flag waving really is.

  9. Just wait’ll a Russian-made, Iranian-launched Sunburn puts a ship of the Fifth Fleet at the bottom of the Strait because the sea-RAM anti-ship missile defense system couldn’t quite defend against it.

    Then things will get very interesting very quickly.

    Or so I’ve heard, anyway.

    1. Yes.  Probably 40 Mike Mike.  Maybe 37.  Too chunky for Bofors.  Their shells taper to a waning-moon crescent.  More ergonomic.

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