Steve Jobs action figure

The Next Web predicts this unauthorized Steve Jobs action figure will get the kibosh before it goes on sale in February. (Thanks, Rachel!)


    1. Especially one so oversized and over-cinched … which reads as schadenfreude on the part of the makers.

  1. Oh cool, now I can have the complete the set of “Multinational Corporate CEO” dolls!

  2. There’s just something not quite tacky enough about it.

    Perhaps if it had kung-fu grip and you can get the evil Bill Gates doll to go with it. And maybe a Terminator figure to scale as well. Or even better, a Jonathan Ives doll you can dress like Steve’s sidekick Robin. I would say as a knight in armor since he’s a knight now, but technically it wouldn’t be chronologically appropriate. Unless Steve Dolls can come with an optional iTARDIS…

    1. Pity there’s no Apple Store playset (complete with staff and rabbid fan customers…. and the token anti-fan figure for hat guy that loiters around the front explaining to anyone going in why they’re morons.

  3. I could be wrong here – it’s been awhile since law school, but I think that right of publicity generally expires with death. While Steve may have been able to stop these while he was alive, now that he’s gone it’s open season on his likeness.

    1. I don’t know the legal concepts at work, but I don’t think you’re correct. Just try selling unauthorized Elvis or Marilyn Monroe products and see how far that goes.

      1. I think if you draw an original picture of Elvis you can put it on a t-shirt and sell it with no problems.

        However, when Apple used Gandhi on a poster they were given a patent on the concept of using  images for commercial purposes, and now everyone who does that has to pay them five cents each time.

  4. Bwahahaha! Now all I need are dolls of Dawkins and Leary — that way I can build a scene with Leary nailed to a stick, Dawkins poking him in the side with a spear, and jobs denying him three times. Merry 2012!

  5. Complete with “magical thinking” hypnosis power- “You WILL completely overhaul the Mac lineup in 6 months”

    Great for the kids!

    1. It’s unauthorized. Point was to sell it for less.

      Best they could do is commission a better company with a better likeness to make a different one.

  6. For some reason, most Apple fans just want to know if it’s “anatomically correct”.

    I’m not sure why.  

  7. Holy crap!!! I didn’t realize it was a doll, even though I had read the header, until I noticed the hands.

    Yeah, I agree with bigyup… authorize these and donate the money to cancer research.

  8. Somehow it does not really look like jobs. Rather like leo apotheker. Maybe they can reuse it afterwards.

  9. Jobs immortalized as a plastic piece of crap nobody really needs but think they do; there’s poetic justice.

  10. It’s Les Grossman from Tropic Thunder! Oh, wait… it’s a different asshole!

    1. Does it park in handicap spaces with no visible car tag? It does if you lease the optional Mercedes Steve Dolls car!

  11. I would buy one for $19.99 and not a penny more. A Jobs Doll is no way worth more than a G. I. Joe with a canteen and an M-16

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